The Health Australia Party (HAP) has been wrongly accused of being an anti vaccination Party. Some of the accusers are simply being dishonest. Others may confuse the fact that we oppose No Jab No Play/Pay legislation in the State and Federal parliaments with being anti-vacc.

We wish to provide a number of items on this page to put the record straight. Please read carefully if you have a genuine interest in the truth.

This is an important post so please take time to read it fully.

By now most people realize that mainstream news outlets are often little more than corporate advertorial. Sometimes it is cleverly disguised and designed to align with our values but often it serves the interests of corporate profiteering.

Australia is fast becoming a special case because we stand so far outside of what most Western nations consider best practice and lobbyists have been allowed to run amok.

HAP believes in some very simple things. Health policy should reflect global best practice and policy makers should be insulated from lobbyists and vested interests. Media coverage should be truthful and unbiased. International conventions concerning the rights of health consumers, and medical and legal ethics should be respected.

Sadly, in Australia this is far from being the case.

HAP has had to endure many untruths in the mainstream media – lies which feed corporate profits and do nothing for Australian health consumers. By supporting complementary medicine, the Party is simply aligning with the World Health Organization’s well-conceived strategy which sees complementary medicine as a vital component for achieving strong community health outcomes. Clearly pharma lobbyists and their allies feel threatened by this.

As a party of principle HAP has no choice but to shine light on instances where health consumers’ best interests are not being served. The HAP unapologetically opposes the No Jab, No Pay/Play legislation and for this, the HAP has been falsely represented by the media and sceptic groups as an anti-vacc Party. The ‘No Jabs’ legislation which seeks to penalize people who do not follow the Australian vaccination schedule – one of the largest in the world.

According to the Royal Australasian College of Physicians (RACP):

“As paediatricians who advocate for the welfare of children, we are bound to draw attention to the enormous body of research demonstrating the benefits of childhood education before school commencement, especially in disadvantaged households. Denial of this access is a serious matter, with likely long-term adverse consequences for the healthy development of the children involved. In this context, the risk of VPDs to fully vaccinated children from children who are under-vaccinated is often exaggerated”

Does this make the RACP anti-vacc? No.

Dr. Jenny Royle who works at the Immunisation Service of the Royal Children’s Hospital (RCH) stated:

“I’m yet to meet anyone that’s more pro immunisation than myself….I vehemently oppose the Victorian law, No Jab No Play. … I don’t want people to be disadvantaged by strategies to increase immunisation coverage, and the Victorian law, No Jab No Play, disadvantages children and their families. I think denying a child entry into kindergarten is wrong. I think it’s a disproportionate response to the risk that a fully immunised child has in being in a kindergarten with a very small number of children who aren’t 100% up-to-date with their immunisations, and that risk is disproportionate to the punishment”.

Is Dr Jenny Royale anti-vacc? No.

Dr Frank Beard who is on the executive board of National Centre for Immunisation, Research & Surveillance of Vaccine Preventable Diseases has stated:

“I do also have ongoing concerns about…. equity, ethical issues, coercion….I also have concerns about the removal of the vaccine objection exemption….whether this will potentially come back to bite us down the track. I think at minimum we should be advocating for a full evaluation of no jab no pay…..I have particular concerns over no jab no play policy and ….whether the benefits outweigh the potential negative impacts…..I do worry about whether this is a slippery slope that we are going to end up with. There is a bit of a moral panic about the supposedly plummeting vaccine rates which we know is not correct”

Does this make Dr Frank Beard anti-vacc? No.

Over 90% of submissions to the Victorian parliament were against this legislation and HAP found itself in the company of well-respected organisations such as the Law Institute of Victoria. Yet none of these organisations have been labelled anti-vacc.

The dissenting submissions – including HAP’s – highlighted the fact that the legislation rode rough shod over a number of international conventions, medical ethics, health consumer law, and was massively out of step with global best practice. Countries like Denmark and Japan have less extensive schedules but still have an excellent record of controlling infectious disease. They have robust adverse event recording programs and policy is better insulated from lobbyists.

Does this make Denmark and Japan “anti-vacc”? Again – No.

The Victorian Government Scrutiny of Acts and Regulations Committee (Alert Digest 12 of 2015) notes that the bill (No Jab No Play) does not engage the Charter of Human Rights and Responsibilities Act 2006 Section 10(C), which results in a breach of free and informed consent.

Does this make the Victorian Government “anti-vacc”? Surprisingly – No.

The HAP clearly supports safe and effective immunisation against potentially serious infectious diseases, and acknowledges that vaccination is the most commonly used method of immunisation in Australia. The HAP is not an anti-vaccination Party.

The Party will continue to fight for the basic tenets of medical ethics such as informed consent and individualised care. The Party will fight for global best practice in health care in all its manifestations.

HAP will continue to stand up to the lobbyists and their media affiliates.

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