Dr Peter Eng joined us on Thu 3rd September 2020 to discuss the effects of mould on your health. In the Facebook Live discussion, Dr Eng covered why mould has become such a big problem, the health risks associated with exposure, treatment options and solutions that can help keep your home and body mould free.


Dr Eng is a General Practitioner who specialises in nutritional medicine. In 2003 he was awarded a centenary medal by the Governor-General of Commonwealth of Australia for contributions to Australian society and was made a Fellow of Australia College of Nutritional and Environmental Medicine (ACNEM)

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Molly Knight 0:00
Good evening, everyone. Welcome to Health Australia Party on Mali. Tonight I’m talking to Dr. Peter Ainge. doctoring is a medical practitioner with over 55 years of experience, and he specializes in integrative and complementary medicine and integrative oncology. He’s a fellow of the Australian College of nutritional and Environmental Medicine. And the next board member of AC n e. m. Dr. ng has received the Australian Centennial medal for his contribution to Australian society. He’s an active fundraiser for the National Institute of integrative medicine. And he’s got many, many awards. He’s done so much. I’ve got to four pages of everything that he’s done and it’s an enormous career. doctoring operates from his surgery based in middle park with a vision for his patients to To improve their health and well being, by the practice of integrative medicine, backed by the latest in global clinical studies using trusted, safe and proven vitamin, herbal and supplements support. Welcome, Dr. ng thank you for joining us tonight. Molly, thank you for having given me the opportunity to come spring online tonight and I believe we’re going to discuss about the illness arising from folks living water damage home. Yeah. So can begin. Can you? Can you just tell me you’ve got such a varied career. Can you tell me how you became so interested in the environmental aspects and mold and causing problems with people? How did you get involved in this?

Dr Peter Eng 1:55
Yes, well, my son built the home in house And some 10 years ago, and when it rained, the water used to come on the walls and use of a bucket to catch the water coming down from the light fittings. And it’s awful. That then that tended a metagenics me seminar. And one of the papers presented was from Dr. Cameron Jones and my college is talked about this illness that arises in families living homes that that death and what the damage and then I told my son about it because they’re all sick with fatigue, memory loss, joint pain, diarrhea, abdominal pain, headaches, asthma, and the tomoson. Your home has to be audited by Cameron Jones. He did not believe me. And then I went to another metagenics seminar two years ago. And put my foot down and said, Look, you love the guitar. And I’m getting more and more stress. Yeah. And he had the audit and he found that the home was worth the damage full of moles, though. Then I had the patient go, whew Morgan from Western mining, and he told me about a parliamentarian from Canberra called Lucy Wickham, who had multi system symptoms like those so my family, and she found a doctor shopping from one specialist to another, and the end in the end he found a doctor that had knowledge of integrative medicine, and diagnose her as having suffering from a condition called chronic inflammatory response syndrome. Multi system multi organ disease arising from living water damage home and social media. That is Parliament inquiry that was released by the Commonwealth Government a year and a half ago in which the report came out that one in two homes are water damage. Remember, a lot of patients who live in such homes had the multi system multi symptom disease. Yeah. So I have been using the so opening line to encourage my patients to think about this, this or that now, this disease is not well known. Unfortunately, mainstream doctors are not trained in asking patients a simple question. Have you ever lived in a home this water damage because this patient’s good doctor shopping with multi system headaches, joint pains, chronic fatigue, sore muscles, installment depression, anxiety, abdominal pain, Esma and sometimes the doctors say is all in the hip, take some antidepressants other and sothat is why have taken an interest in seeing patients with multi multi symptoms. They come they hear about me and usually I’ve seen many doctors and the first question I asked them when they tell me about the symptoms, yeah, is heavy Eben live in a water damage show that is so big, huge public health issue. If you say that one in two homes in Australia water damage, and one four of Australians have got a type of gene on chromosome crows chromosome six, nine genes and they belong to a family of HLA dr dq that poor group of patients have a inability to deal with exposure to buy toxins arising from exposure to what’s the dimensions containing fungus fungus? Yeah. And this group of patients, then, when I see them, I would order I would give them a ticker history, the physical examination, and then we then begin the journey to confirm they suffer from this biotoxin illness because they have this nasty set of genes. Yeah, actually good. So, so I begin by checking your urine for mycotoxins. So if the urine shows the presence of a flat toxin, now that’s dangerous because it’s linked to liver cancer. Very common for where it comes from Malaysia. Because in Malaysia, the formulas it seemed peanuts the most, and they don’t finish the big Bag of stainless and they lived in a kitchen three days late and they eat and roughly one in five to six patients that they used to look up the in the water in Malaysia in hospital and liver cancer. And my gosh, that’s high. Yeah. And my chief medicine, Dr. Lim said the question of this patient of liver cancer the poor Malays, do they like steamed peanuts and everyone will say we’ve eaten see steamed peanuts from young they were full of a flat toxin of the skin Aqua toxic exposure for mold and testlink to mainstream General Studies, bladder cancer and dementia, the kidneys to be hypertension. Yeah. So when patients come to see me they usually present with chronic fatigue. The communists complained the head. I’ve been tired from the day wake up for last six months, a year, two years. Yeah. And then To do a symptom list which is here at 37 symptoms, this the most frequent symptom still seeing patients suffering from chronic inflammatory response syndrome from living in what’s the dimensions most a lot of patients are not aware that the homes are worth the damage. All they need is a small little hole in the roof and the water with heavy rain with two years, heavy rain come put onto the ceiling insulation gets moist most granddam they let go of spores which come down the space of light fittings and you breed them. So my family, they are very sick, my son in fact, my son used to be head of climbing Swiss with a team of 11 and suddenly suddenly he couldn’t remember what his CEO had said to him the previous day our instructions given to him so Mr. frightening illness yeah mmm the them when they go shopping when patients like this go to see one specialist for headaches for example assume neurologist and and but they go all the other symptoms yeah they’re just giving headache pills yeah other seat you’re neurotic its is all in the head So it’s frightening.

Molly Knight 9:25
It is very frightening yeah and could be part of dementia as well Peter do you think?

Dr Peter Eng 9:30
Is this a study by Professor Dale Bredesen from the University of California tennis lectures and his his paper he published paper they say the one in three patients in homes for Alzheimer’s. The underlying causes of most Yeah, and mycotoxins in the one in three will walk home and have dinner with the grandchildren children. This the mainstream published study

Molly Knight 10:00
Yeah, yeah, that’s frightening.

Dr Peter Eng 10:02
neurologists this country give our set of patients with early Alzheimer’s works for years and they say goodbye. They’re good the nursing home and you will leave your family worries when they walk out long string good last year is yes. Okay. So in the diagnosis of mold illness, I do the urine test first, then and for the genes Yeah, initially Dr. dq, so if the positive that confirms that they suffer from SIRs resulting from this set of genes where the immune system does not know how to get rid of the mycotoxins, so reinforce the population, which do not have this set of genes, the immune system can bind them up and kick them up by production of antibodies, but those who have this massive set of genes in HLA dq Dr. The innate immune system will meet up with a biotoxin and and try and present it to the antigen presenting cells to the T cells to form antibodies, but with this set of genes, the antigen presenting cell would not accept these the signal from the immune system the immune system. So, this point immune cells from the innate immune system which you get from birth, they keep on producing inflammatory cytokines to try and get the batasia into the antigen presenting cell we shall not accept them. So, this increase in inflammatory cytokines and so, the diagnosis we do for damage to the immune system Yeah, from this cytokines are mainly immune system. So, this So, a so once we identify all the markets for you News for producers. They include the script enkel best transforming growth factor beta one is mellow mostly signaling factor. So these are all the positives. Sorry it’s my wife, I just take it. Okay, thanks, sir. That’s

Molly Knight 12:24
Thats OK never hang up on the wife.

Dr Peter Eng 12:29
I did tell I had to talk about TV. So, once we confirm they have got this market for biotoxin illness we also have to do a market swap of the nose. Why? Because when you breathe in the spores into nostril and the produce the mycotoxins, we wish go up the olfactory nerve. Yeah, and the trigeminal nerve into the brain. Yeah, yeah. That’s what the cognitive decline, memory loss loss of vision can focus and find can’t find words. Yeah. Shocking. Yeah. So the treatment then we tell a patient says leave, get out of the home with what the damage have an audit done by mycologist. I normally recommend Dr. Cameron Jones. He’s a PhD in psychology. Secondly, once he finds out which part of the home is worth the damage, then you have a scope of works to remediate the water damage home. So the scope of work must be done separately from the remediated. So there’s no confl`ict of interest then of all the leaks in the roof or the base. And then once it’s done then I will now clear the moulds out of you. Yeah, so give them colloidal silver to kill the moulds and the mark of Mark consists of multiple antibiotic resistant coagulase negative Staphylococcus aureus is a nasty bug that antibiotics will not kill, because the most former by biofilm to protect the staff. So no matter what antibody is used use it can get through well got a spray Colloidal Silver containing gentamicin and to clear them within a month to spray into nostril three times a day. Then I tell my patients to take a binder the binders call polystyrene, which cardiologists will use when the patient has got such a high cholesterol level that the Lipitor the prescribed or the stet in the prescribed will not lower them. The binds the lipids yet but it also binds mycotoxins so not producing producible moles are stored in bile bi L. Produced by liver cells and stored in the gallbladder. So I tell my patients take your binder couristan within half an hour before you eat, because it gives time to the colostomy to go down the esophagus the stomach in the duodenum. And when they eat the gallbladder contracts and squeezes the bile in the common bile duct introduced in them, and then your binders will catch them and then pack them up. So usually, within two months normally provided the whole history of molds. Yeah, that the binders and you become a new person, huh? Yeah. Would you get your life back, wouldn’t you? Peter, doesn’t matter if you’ve had your gallbladder removed. How does that affect the process to produce bile? The microbes stored in bile? Yeah, then they would be. I don’t know why we have a gallbladder. We don’t need it.

Molly Knight 15:57
Lots of people don’t these days

Dr Peter Eng 16:04
So, the other way that the important thing is that when the patient has got a service, we need to do a MRI of the brain is called neuro quant Yeah. And in most certain sections of the brain swollen and certain parts of a trophy compared to normal MRI brain. So this neural quantities used by the United States Air Force because patients with biotoxin illness, this this lack of blood supply to the optic nerve. So when we do a testicle, visual contrast sensitivity with color patterns, those suffering from stress will will not be able to we’ll miss certain colored sections. So you can have pilots they can see properly. Yeah, exactly. Proof test, visual contrast, only a $25 test online. So when they take patients of the month and get them to repeat the visual contrast, and if I click the moles, One Two months later, the visual contrast comes back. They can see on the color patterns, they initially they couldn’t see. So, yeah, so you have this a in this group of patients that could not believe know that all this for five years has suffered and been vilified by specialists to say some of them are Satan’s all in the mind. Yeah, in essence, shocking, shocking. So this is the paper we share with you. Why don’t physicians acknowledge this illness? Yeah. So it says, typically, education is offered to physicians in a medical training on this subject. There is poor understanding of me Many, even contentful the concept that our environment is capable of slowly poisoning its inhabitants. Yeah. So say SEO. Occasionally and variable illness becomes national news overnight. Legionnaires disease. Yeah. But more typically, a few individuals discovered the toxic potential of a substance called asbestos published and yet it may take three, four decades for public and Western doctors to accept that. Yeah, okay. Yes, exactly. Yes, this delay is widespread. This delay in widespread awareness of novel science is not new, and was certainly around at the expense of Copernicus, Galileo and others who series improves your poser powerful controlling bodies. So why do why why do the Society not accept by toxic illness because this money yeah. company do not know about this illness because the is chronic. Yeah. And they got the payout insurance payments to sick patients or the big businesses to repair the water damage commercial building. So funny, though. So they employ marketing tools similar to what the tobacco industry used to do. They knew the tobacco industry knew in their own studies that smoking can cause lung cancer. Yeah, for 20 3040 years. They came up denying it. Yeah, until that took them that long. Yeah. So similarly.

Molly Knight 19:51

Dr Peter Eng 19:52
That’s the insurance companies. They use misinformation Yeah. To doubt` that, you can inhale something and not get and get ill it is a scandal. It is

Molly Knight 20:11
it is scandalous. Yes.

Dr Peter Eng 20:13
So, the in the United States, the there are a lot of doctors in Australia some doctors that do the cause by Dr. Schumacher, who is the the doctor who actually discovered that by by toxin can cause serious illnesses here. And if you pass the Shu Marcus, certified course, then you’re trained to treat patients suffering from sirs. Yeah. So if there any questions, anyone likes to ask, just maybe speak to you.

Molly Knight 20:56
Got a few questions coming through. So Well, let’s have a look. Um, someone has Rebecca has asked about children. Have you treated children and what were the children’s symptoms and the recovery rate?

Dr Peter Eng 21:12
Yeah, so you might want granddaughter Yeah, I’ve got three granddaughters and Libyan because with SIRs this auto immune disease very common. So my granddaughter Libby has got a little Lego bit Lego with white precious yeah and I give just because I met the builder kit my son $2.5 million because V cadherins do and the pay my son 2.5 so they move the new home. So I told my son I’m going to start treating lippie now that she’s in a Morphe home. Yeah, yes. The live in Docklands also moves you believe it. I bought the apartment for Got the gift out of the water who, when they move in within a month people move. So they’ve moved into a home so hopefully I start with him next week. Yeah, it means

Molly Knight 22:13
How old is she Peter. How old is your granddaughter?

Dr Peter Eng 22:16
10 years old.

Molly Knight 22:17
Ten. Okay. All right.

Dr Peter Eng 22:20
But it was from age 5. Big from age 5. Shocking. Yeah. And

Molly Knight 22:27
Did he have any other symptoms like any emotional stuff or

Dr Peter Eng 22:33
Yeah attention deficit? hyperactive activity fatigue. Yeah. Yeah. wouldn’t eat. Yeah. It’s shocking. Yeah. my grandpa’s granddaughters asthma fatigue. Yeah. Sometimes memory loss, joint pain. Hmm. Second one has got insomnia, fatigue, joint pains. So but they be fine once I start treating them because they’re now in our home.

Molly Knight 23:03
It’s mould free here. And it’s quite a quick response. Isn’t it? A couple of months. That’s

Dr Peter Eng 23:08
one two months. Two months. Yeah.

Molly Knight 23:10
That’s amazing. Because I know people can be ill for years, literally years. Doctor shopping as you call it. Looking for an answer. Yeah. Um, Eva, Eva said, is a contrast dye that used for the MRI is the MRI done with a contrast?

Dr Peter Eng 23:34
Yes. Yeah. The different dye called gadolinium which of course, if you have too many, it will affect your brain cells. Right.

Molly Knight 23:44
Okay. So not too many. Yeah.

Dr Peter Eng 23:47
Yeah. But But if patients don’t want to have it done, that’s fine. Because the clinical history in presentation, you can actually say, yeah, from the urine tests, and from the biomarkers for mood illness that the patient is having. Having cognitive decline at home epilepsy or inability to focus on this we call it the brain on fire is neuro commission wanting to patients exposed to most with the genes that the massive genes have got the brain problems depression anxiety what friends

Molly Knight 24:35
suicide Peter do you think that would be indicated

Dr Peter Eng 24:39
Suicidal my son

Molly Knight 24:42

Dr Peter Eng 24:43
my son. Yeah was suicidal

Molly Knight 24:47

Dr Peter Eng 24:49
it can be coming to say with the children, but he lost his job is hit the plumbing supply chain in Swiss, you know $300,000 instead He couldn’t remember what the CEO told him yesterday. But because he loved the good work. They said take a year off. We’ll pay you just turn up three times a day. Very good. House fixed up. Yeah. And so now

Molly Knight 25:13
That’s very kind. Yeah, that’s

Dr Peter Eng 25:15
it. Yeah.

Molly Knight 25:18
Peter, here’s another one. Um, Karen asks, Does a humidifier, a dehumidifier work at all? Are you taking the moisture out of the air? Would that do anything positive?

Dr Peter Eng 25:30
So humidity, we’ve tried to limit it to 30 to 50%. Yeah. The mould will start to grow, so there’s no harm dehumidify but more importantly, you should get the HIPAA filter.

Molly Knight 25:47
Okay. Yeah. So a dehumidifier you can buy to take the moisture out of the air that would be a benefit.

Dr Peter Eng 25:54
Yeah, yeah.

Molly Knight 25:55
Okay. All right.

Dr Peter Eng 25:57
The damp doesn’t get removed.

Molly Knight 25:59
Yeah,yeah, yeah, just get some moisture out here. Suzanne asks, have you got a protocol to follow that she can take to the doctor? She has many health issues due to toxic black mold poisoning. On the Sunshine Coast.

Dr Peter Eng 26:18
Yes, definitely on the Sunshine Coast. You go and see Dr. Sandeep Gupta, the mouldexpert of Australia.

Molly Knight 26:25
Oh, okay. On the Gold Coast,

Dr Peter Eng 26:27
for sure. Mark of the Sunshine Coast. Okay. Also, Dr. Sandeep Gupta s a n d. Double e P. Sandeep Gupta. Ji up ta Gupta.

Molly Knight 26:41
Awesome. Yeah, okay.

Dr Peter Eng 26:43
This my family, a country so when my kids was I flew him down on the Sunday paid him $5,000 a country my family and said, Look, prepayment treatment plan. And so we have got the history so family doctor In terms of my grandchildren my son

Molly Knight 27:04
Yes, yeah, exactly. All right. Um Christy asks, How do dead mould spores affect our body?

Dr Peter Eng 27:12
Say that again?

Molly Knight 27:15
How do dead mould spores affect the body?

Dr Peter Eng 27:20
Oh yes. So dead mould spores are more dangerous and mould

Molly Knight 27:24
Oh, why is that Peter?

Dr Peter Eng 27:26
Because it’s a toxic is toxic it is a toxic metabolite. Yeah and damage itself. Yeah, yeah, that’s worse. Yes. So when you breathe in the water damage home. Still the includes did the cell membrane of dead fungus. This is very allergenic.

Molly Knight 27:46
Huh? Okay, okay. Gosh, um, Can you recommend a HEPA filter? Is there any particular filter that you like?

Dr Peter Eng 27:56
We got HEPA filters in my home, and my son’s homes. The one speed in Switzerland cost about three $4,000. But year or two then change your filter.

Molly Knight 28:08
Okay, okay. Yeah.

Dr Peter Eng 28:11
The HEPA filter made in Switzerland,

Molly Knight 28:13
Switzerland, are they available in Australia?

Dr Peter Eng 28:17
We got them. We got ours from New Austin Hospital in Heidelberg.

Molly Knight 28:25
Heidelberg. Okay. All right. Yeah. So the dead mould spores are worse. All right. I’m just going to put a picture up here from a patient that I had seen quite a few years ago. I just want to show everybody if you can see that. There’s a mushroom growing behind her bedroom door. She didn’t realize it was there. And this patient is very ill. Yes, when they pull the wall off all the time. was the

Dr Peter Eng 29:01
Get out of that home as quickly as possible.

Molly Knight 29:05
Yeah. And what what do you Well, if you can’t get out of the home then obviously you have to get that person into evaluate the moulds and then rendered did it? remediate. So that could become a pretty expensive from

Dr Peter Eng 29:22
Yeah so I you looking at 10s of thousands of dollars. Yeah. And after remediation, you need to have the home re-tested.

Molly Knight 29:36
Okay to make sure it’s all gone. Yeah. Okay, so what um, you do your urine tests and your nasal swabs.

Dr Peter Eng 29:48
We do blood tests for bloods, markers for damage to cells in the body and to the immune system. So they include tumor buying clothes the transforming growth factor, beta one it comes in twos HGH includes the MMP nine but all these markets will tell you what if he got yet then the MMP is race so if it’s up to impact transforming growth factor when risk of autoimmune disease Yeah, only disease is an actual motor this of thyroid gland, your lupus, celiac disease yeah sjogrens disease vitiligo shocking. Yeah.

Molly Knight 30:39
I mean, it’s, it’s almost everything, everything wrong. Basically can have a link a definite link to mould.

Dr Peter Eng 30:49
A lot of them. Yeah. A symptom good. underlying cause I tell my patients simple story, we go fishing with the family in Port Phillip Bay on the bridge. Sunday, and suddenly there’s a leak at the bottom of boat. And water is gushing in is no point. The four of you getting buckets to throw the water out. It takes 10 years you still gushing water. So with no point treating a patient with cognitive decline, memory loss, you got to get rid of moulds first, then we can get the twins to improve memory. Yes. Yeah. You know, all those. Yeah.

Molly Knight 31:27
Yeah. So, um, well, okay, so people don’t know necessarily that they’ve got mould in the house because one, they might not smell it. If it’s small. It could be behind the bathroom tiles, couldn’t it?

Dr Peter Eng 31:48

Molly Knight 31:50
And they may not actually know Yeah. Here’s another little thing. Another question. How do you get a house test or public commercial building hall tested a hall okay.

Dr Peter Eng 32:06
Yeah. Oh, the home you could pay for it, you know landlords will deny is a problem because the money is money. Yeah. All these denials I call them

Molly Knight 32:22

Dr Peter Eng 32:27
Yeah, it’s shocking, isn’t it?

Molly Knight 32:30
It is actually. Um, yeah.

Dr Peter Eng 32:33
Especially snow. Just like with the tobacco. I remember some 30 years ago. Respiratory physician in Sydney say there’s no that the tobacco smoking does not cause lung cancer and with chest position. See that?

Molly Knight 32:52
Now that’s terrible, isn’t it? Yeah. Yeah. He’s another one. And this is I use a lot of eucalyptus. soil so Elaine has asked Can bleach or eucalyptus oil kill the mould and dead spores.

Dr Peter Eng 33:07
bleach is dangerous is a toxin. Don’t use it. Don’t okay. Yeah, but eucalyptus oil. I have no experience. Okay. Oh Ha this will not harm you. Use colloidal silver Yes.

Molly Knight 33:25
So could you Peter could you you know when you in the bathroom in around the tiles you often see bits of mould growing. Could you spray that with some Colloidal Silver would that work?

Dr Peter Eng 33:36
No, because the mould is behind the tiles as well, you’ve got to remediate.

Molly Knight 33:42
Okay, gosh, its a huge job.

Dr Peter Eng 33:47
Behind the bathroom. Yeah, this leaking. Yeah. Oh, yeah. costs a fortune. Huh?

Yeah, that’s a bit depressing Peter.

I spend $200,000 trying to remediate the house trying to get the new roof in all in the end as we put the case to the builder, yeah. When you to vicap yeah you got to pay for all this and reimburses immigrant coupon and in the end he paid us out

what back the house is a public company?

Molly Knight 34:23
Right. Okay. Yeah. And okay. So um, have you got the Colloidal Silver, can you show us how you use? Oh, silver?

Dr Peter Eng 34:36
Yes. So, this means

Molly Knight 34:39
you do in the recommend injecting it or is it just a nasal spray,

Dr Peter Eng 34:45
you just open in spread the nostril now, patients tend to point upwards but the nostril goes backwards. Okay.

Molly Knight 34:54

Dr Peter Eng 34:55
of the nose is getting towards the back of the nose, parallel to the roof of the mouth.

Molly Knight 35:00
Ah, okay, excellent. Yeah, yeah. Not up, across. Okay. Yeah, yeah.

Dr Peter Eng 35:10
Okay. No microyeahnes within a month. a month. Yeah.

Molly Knight 35:16
So if someone say they presented with really chronic sinusitis for instance, could they without doing all the tests, would it be helpful but they just use that Colloidal Silver nasal spray anyway? Or

Dr Peter Eng 35:34
finger b can be can do that yeah.

Molly Knight 35:38
He says you should. Sorry.

Dr Peter Eng 35:42
It doesn’t harm a patient.

Molly Knight 35:44
Yeah, yeah. Okay, lovely. Yeah. Yeah. Do it for a month a couple of times a day.

Dr Peter Eng 35:53
Two or three times a day, two squirts to each nostril. And today, the trouble you got to get the doctor to write the script.

Molly Knight 36:01
Ah, okay, so you can’t buy it over the counter

Dr Peter Eng 36:06
if I pass 1,000,002 50 parts per million with some EDT so that the Calypso will just will stay on the surface of the nostril. Yeah, and not come out through the way and this antibiotic again to Meissen.

Molly Knight 36:19
Ah, okay.

Dr Peter Eng 36:21
That’s supposed to be prescribed by a doctor.

Molly Knight 36:24
Okay, so could I pop down to my local GP and say I want a script for this because I’ve got sinus or something.

Dr Peter Eng 36:33
Absolutely. Look at you.

Molly Knight 36:36
I’m silly. Yeah. Okay, so um, So it’s not a particular brand of Colloidal Silver. It’s a prescription with gentamicin in it.

Dr Peter Eng 36:51
Chemist can do any compounding chemists.

Molly Knight 36:54
Okay, you compoundings. Yeah. Yeah.

Dr Peter Eng 36:59
Also compounded By chemists, compounding chemists Yeah.

Molly Knight 37:07
Yeah, we’ve got a few of them here in Sydney. Um, Kelly asks, Is there a die off effect from misting the Colloidal Silver make me die off effects You know how sometimes people go on like a Candida diet or take antifungal herbs and they get they feel horrible for a while.

Dr Peter Eng 37:28
But for most we recommend a ketogenic diet.

Molly Knight 37:32
Okay ketogenic

Dr Peter Eng 37:34
Yeah. And we lose three. This what Schumacher has died is about four patients suffering from sirs. That’s the one he recommends.

Unknown Speaker 37:42
Hmm keto Okay, good to know. Thank you. Yeah.

Dr Peter Eng 37:46
Thing Mediterranean and lots of organic salads and vegetables and fishes. Not tuna too much mercury but fish. Lots of with olive oil, and walnuts now if you ever hungry say walnuts don’t ever Get a kick.

Molly Knight 38:02
All the nice things Peter you take the fun out of life. Okay, great keto diet. Always get your walnuts. Good for the brain. Now Kathy has asked, Does the Colloidal Silver nose spray interact with heart medications?

Dr Peter Eng 38:25
No, no.

Molly Knight 38:28
Okay. All right. Okay, do you have any experience, Peter with citrus seed extract or grapefruit seed extract at all? Would that be useful?

Dr Peter Eng 38:42
No, not for mould.

Molly Knight 38:45
No, not for mould at all.

Dr Peter Eng 38:47
Yes, we’re grapefruit seed use of cancer treatment in my practice.

Molly Knight 38:51
Oh, okay. Okay. Okay, good to know. Good to know. I like Grapefruit seed extract. I think it’s quite powerful. Hmm. Okay, um, so that the blood tests um, we need to find a special doctor who’s trained with Dr. Schumacher. Hmm. Yes. And and we would, where would we find these doctors these GPS.

Dr Peter Eng 39:23
So you might have to Google integrity, integrity doctors perfect practicing integrity medicine, with the interest in a toxic illness board certified, having passed the exam and certified by Dr. Schumacher, as someone trained in his treatment protocols, okay.

Molly Knight 39:50
All right, all right. And once they do that, then they can get all the blood tests, they’ll know what you’re talking about here. And are these blood tests expensive Peter?

Dr Peter Eng 40:00
Yes. So to initially when my family they were sick five of them, just to have it tested for urine from mycotoxin. Cost $1,150. So, finally reduce it to seven $770 urine test. Yeah. From mould mycotoxin in urine. Yeah, then it so I can the cost expensive. You run into thousands of dollars certainly control. Yeah. So some doctors will say, Well, you can’t afford to have this test but clinically I’ve got an experience to say you got service. Yeah, yeah. So yes. House or your house is certified more free. You can take call restyle me. Yeah. And you can take Colloidal Silver. Yeah, yes, sir. Hello. And some patients miraculously come and say I’ve had this for months. Look at me. I’ve got no more fatigue. I can make this happen. You don’t mean anything?

Molly Knight 41:08
Yeah. Okay. Okay. So you can take these things and they won’t hurt you,

Dr Peter Eng 41:13
wouldn’t you? This is not just buying anything. Right. mycotoxins. Yeah, yeah,

Molly Knight 41:20
yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think everybody probably needs something like that. Because I think we live in a very moldy environment really, and I don’t know what Melbournes, like, but Sydney’s very humid. And, yeah,

Dr Peter Eng 41:34
I went to school there in the winter to Australia, I came straight to Melbourne.

Molly Knight 41:41
Didn’t like Sydney. Peter what about. Shelley said, oil of cloves. Kill spores, doesn’t it?

Dr Peter Eng 41:54
I do not publish studies. Yeah. So don’t use

Molly Knight 42:00
Yeah, okay. Yep. All right. Um, let me have a look. Portia asked. Oh, okay, so someone’s asked, Can we post the main points of the video step by step on what to do on to our page so yeah, we can do that, can’t we?

Dr Peter Eng 42:22
Yeah, we can give you a plan.

Molly Knight 42:23
Yeah, can you? Are you okay to send me the questions? Can we put the questions you ask patients? Can we put them up on our page so people can see how many symptoms that they actually do have.

Dr Peter Eng 42:38
We’ve got this. This patient is called tick the box. Yeah, tick. tick the box. Yeah, this 37 most frequent symptoms seen in cases of CES water damage homes. It definitely, yeah, you be treated sick. almost certain. Certainly. Okay, okay. Then they have been good. The gene the nasty gene. Right.

Molly Knight 43:05
Okay. Okay, so what? what we can do? Sorry?

Dr Peter Eng 43:10
I can email the question that is tomorrow.

Molly Knight 43:13
Yeah, thank you. That’d be great Peter, and then what we can do for our viewers and members of the Health Australia Party, we could put up your information and how they contact doctors, I could have a look and we’ll see who are the doctors that they could go to around Australia. And and that way people could could, you know, start the healing process? Because I know, I mean, I’ve been in practice 37 years and probably, I reckon 90% of my patients have probably been mouldy.

Dr Peter Eng 43:51
Yeah, that’s right. Because mainstream can’t help them. It means to doctors, the drug peddlers, you got sore throat heres a script for antibiotic. There you go. Mine is my headache migraine tablet. There you go the joint pain. Here’s a script by Celebrex they’re drug peddlers

Molly Knight 44:12
okay yeah, well yeah, that’s pretty true. Actually. Jesse has just asked Oh, hang on. I’ve lost her. Where is it? Jesse has just asked is dry heat. Better than humidity for SIRs patients.

Dr Peter Eng 44:28
Oh, yes, but don’t be too dry skin gets too dry. Okay. Yeah. Humidity should be maybe not exceeding 50% Yeah. 30 to 50%. So humidity meter. Yeah. And it is very moist. The moisture is more than 50% there’s something wrong. Yeah. Okay. For example, double brick walls. Sometimes they don’t have this little space. Racing that lifts in and out. Yeah, yeah. into some event.

Molly Knight 45:04
Yeah, yeah. event. Yeah. Okay. Um, so and I know we I bought a little meter for $25 it was from jaycar. And it tells me how much humidities in my room. Yes. And yeah, and I like so if you’ve got too much humidity. Could you put a fan on or a heater on depending whether it’s summer or winter? Would that change the level of moisture in the air Peter?

Dr Peter Eng 45:34
I am not the expert in the area. ventilation but obviously, if it’s a hot dry day, you put the fan on the open the windows a bit. I am not the expert in there. Yeah,

Molly Knight 45:49
yeah. Yeah, fair enough. Okay. Um, Kelly asked. When you treat patients with mould instance, illness when you treat patients for mould. Can they feel worse for a while before starting to feel better? Do they feel rotten for a while and

Dr Peter Eng 46:08
They can. Yeah, this, the but as you clear the moulds, they will improve. You know, usually in a month they’ll say they’re better.

Molly Knight 46:19
Mm hmm. In a month. That’s quite staggering. Really? That’s very quick. Yes. That’s a deeper problem. Yeah.

Dr Peter Eng 46:28
And most of them two months. Yeah. But if it’s still there, you’re sick. The mean, so somewhere your home has got mould. Are you? Yeah.

Molly Knight 46:38
Okay. Okay. Um, Kim has asked, how can you treat fungal infections, and are they related to mould exposure as well. So fungal infections, maybe fungus on the body or an internal, like candida problem, I guess that I’m not sure what she means, but I’m just guessing the Yeah.

Dr Peter Eng 47:00
Oh, so you look at the fungal lesion on the skin. Yeah. Well, you can use a antifungal cream. Yeah.

Molly Knight 47:15

Dr Peter Eng 47:17
From the chemist shop, it comes to us apply the twice a day for month they should go. But I think some 50 years ago 40 years ago, we used to use selsun very smelly stuff, like a soap from the body from the neck down to the toes. And

Molly Knight 47:36
yeah, I remember that. Yeah. selsun but yeah. Old fashioned things. What about if someone has a constant like a recurrent candida problem like women have vaginal thrush or children have a lot of thrush in the mouth? Is that related to mould spore in the in the building

Dr Peter Eng 48:03
and that’s a good question. Not pumped. Patients can be there. You can use a drug called Sporenex to kill them, but I don’t have any herbal things I know of that can be used for vagina trash. Yeah. Do you need to use Canestan in one of those? Yeah, yeah. That is different from inhalation

Molly Knight 48:32
of Yes, yes. Yes. Yeah. treating the gut. Yeah. Okay. So, just to to have an overview. The symptoms are multi layered and cluster and almost any symptom you can think of from mental, emotional, physical. pool can be linked to mold and you may not even know that you’ve got mold around you. This room may not see it. Yeah,

but that’s a frightening thing you may not see. Yeah, that is frightening actually.

Dr Peter Eng 49:18
Pick it up. Sorry, the mycologist to come to me go receiving good receiving the go behind three just the go everywhere in the house and the test almost so they can test for see for dust for DNA testing for moth is a PCR testing for molds. Yeah. So the dust and if the most a monster does, the test will pick it up.

Molly Knight 49:46
It’s a piece of the ACR.

Yes, okay. All right.

Dr Peter Eng 49:53
Yeah. brighttalk told me if you’ve got skin, fungal lesions, which feels ointment With fields, yes, we use a time to kill the most and the skin instead of using an antifungal cream.

Molly Knight 50:07
Yeah. Okay, so another good golden oldie remedy

showing our age Peter.

Okay, so the first step is your questionnaire symptoms, what how many you’ve got? And I mean, I think probably things like the urine test and that would be out of people’s a lot of people’s range of being able to afford it, particularly these days anyway. So they could find one of these doctors and take the medications, the nasal spray and see how they go because that can’t get hurt

Dr Peter Eng 50:44
by it by the homeless move free.

Molly Knight 50:48
Yeah, yeah. So

check that out. It’s gotten that’s got to

be checked if you’ve got all those symptoms missing.

Dr Peter Eng 50:55
All right. Okay.

Molly Knight 50:57
Okay. So thank you. You’re sending All that stuff that we all the papers we can put on the page. Yeah. Okay. Thank you, Peter, thank you so much for your time and your information and your knowledge. Thank you. Good night. Good night.


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