The Andrews Government Should Have Let All Allied Healthcare Return To Work Together

We received the following message from Leah Jade, who operates a Melbourne Myotherapy clinic. Myotherapy and some other health modalities did not open for routine care in the past few weeks when other allied health services such as chiropractic, Chinese medicine and physiotherapy did. Although all the health professions are now allowed to open from Wednesday October 28, we are publishing Leah’s letter to highlight how unfairly the Andrews government have been treating some therapists and their clients and the fact that there should never be an occasion where healthcare is not deemed essential.

The sheer oversight (at best) by the Andrews Government of the non “listed” Allied Health Professions, including Myotherapists—who deal specifically with injury rehabilitation and chronic pain management—in Melbourne, by excluding them so far in the lifting of restrictions, is an outrage!

It is unacceptable! To allow a portion of Allied Health to return to work, while discriminating against all others, is at a great cost to the people of Melbourne who are already suffering enough!

It is not only against our basic and MOST fundamental Human Right of Freedom of Movement. To then restrict the professions (Myotherapy especially) that maintain and support the freedom of movement in the community is ironically a great injustice to our city!

In a time when Health is meant to be prioritised, this causes thousands of Melbournians even greater stress, placing immune systems under further pressure (in addition to being LOCKED away INDOORS for 23 hours a day!) It is unlawful and needs to end now!

Our business (of 13 years) normally sees over 100 clients each week in chronic and acute pain. Our patients are suffering and have been brushed off at a time when they are already suffering to no end due to the incredible encroachment on their human rights, in the name of an infectious disease that has an amazing recovery rate in those who are not severely immunocompromised already!

How has this impacted us? Our business had been closed down and unable to operate since August (3 months) and for a whole month in April due to these restrictions! We continue to have to pay bills and rent in the city of Melbourne!

We have contractors in our clinic and therefore have not been able to claim anything more than the jobkeeper for one person in our household.

How this is meant to cover the business bills is beyond me. Our clients call us desperate, heading for surgery, unable to sleep, deteriorating in their worsening conditions of great pain and suffering.

Their immune systems are under great stress and compromised even more, compounded by the 23 hour a day lockdowns without sunlight, the most essential human right that Daniel Andrews so negligently attempts to rob people of!

It’s an outrage! People are suffering! Over 100 clients each week that we see at our clinic in Melbourne are literally hurting! They need us now more than ever and you throw us (an entire Health Profession) under the bus, while you allow our colleagues to return to work and WHY?

We are HEALTH professionals! Keeping people out of hospitals! Is this not what you want?

If you draw the line somewhere Mr Andrews, draw it HERE! Let ALL Health Professionals including Natural Therapists return to helping people! Taking away people’s autonomy to access health care is the opposite of what you should be doing at a time like this OR EVER!

We have our “Covid Safe” Plans, we have our Covid Protocols and we have our Mandated masks! What more do you want? What good are they if you still can’t let us, with the strictest EXISTING hygiene protocols practice? Do you not have faith in your Covid safe plans and mandated masks?

It is absolutely unfair and unjust to discriminate against one health professional over another in a time like this! Wake up and give people back their sense of autonomy!

You have NO right to say one therapy is better for an INDIVIDUAL over another! So sad it is that you determine what is right for one person’s health right now more than you attempt to “allow” a person to choose for themselves! Is this even your right to grant or take away?

This goes against the very Health and Wellbeing Act and all other directives which should be measured and constructed against and within it! You do not have this power! It has zero legal standing! Stop deliberately instilling fear and control over that which you have no right to be inserting yourself over.

Stop magnifying a mere, questionable and redundant metric of “cases” which have been redefined for the new agenda’s benefit. Once upon a time in the good ol’ days, this actually meant “symptoms”, where now it merely means, diagnosed using a PCR test, not purposed to diagnose, let alone diagnose an unidentified virus!

STOP ZOOMING IN on cases and deaths like it means something extraordinary! Do you offer perspective on relative deaths to previous years and the flu virus?

Do (in your “champion” press releases) you offer a comparative perspective on Covid death / mortality rate relative to other more serious diseases or even the death rate of those with comorbidities in aged care on a normal given day or year? NO!

Stop REVOLTING the smarter more critical thinkers of Melbourne who scoff at the very mention of your name!

THREATENING people with a fine “policy” (NOT LAW) is beyond appalling, when they (Health Professionals) are here merely to help people live a better quality of life and end suffering.

Our industry (Myotherapy & Remedial Massage) have the purpose of SUPPORTING the IMMUNE SYSTEM! Your ignorance of this is utterly unacceptable! It’s NO EXCUSE!

My partner (a Myotherapist) and I have 20 years experience in our field!

To take people’s access away from experienced practitioners, while allowing other allied health to return is unfathomable and an insult to our profession! To allow hairdressers to return and not us is what many in our profession right now are calling a “slap in the face”.

I’ve seen one therapist literally walk away from her profession since you made this outrageous announcement, and head back to hairdressing, her previous career. WHY? Because… for the AMOUNT of professional development, insurance and association fees required to practice, versus what has JUST NOW happened in our once great city, is beyond acceptable!

It’s disheartening and depressing! Many therapists have been badly hurt by your incredible overreach of power and lack of insight into our value in the community! We SUPPORT health! *LET* us practise!

Step aside Mr Andrews, go back and resume your place and let us assume our rightful role in the community!

– Leah Jade

Leah Jade is a women’s therapist and author of several books on healing, find her personal website here:

The myotherapy business Leah runs: Advanced Myotherapy

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