Cheryl Mead, building biologist, joined us 24th September 2020 to discuss the science and art of creating a ​healthy home and work environment. In her live interview with Molly Knight she covered:

  • mould/biotoxins in water-damaged buildings, including the biological effects of living or working in a water-damaged building 
  • how to identify if your home or work place is making you sick



Cheryl is a qualified Building Biologist, Environmental Health Consultant and Electromagnetic Frequency and Radiation (EMF/EMR) Specialist with a passion for sustainable design, health and wellness and ethical business. After many years working in the building industry,​ Cheryl made it her mission to understand why we haven’t reduced the incidence of cancer and why more businesses fail than succeed. After spending bucket loads on business training, and investigating the cause of illness she ventured into the world of environmental science at the Australian College of Environmental Studies.

Click on the image below to watch the full interview:


The full transcript follows – E&OE : HAP200924 transcript