Leiah Golden, a homeopath, joined us Thursday October 8  to discuss homeopathic remedies for coping with everyday emotions, for both children and adults.
In her live discussion with Molly Knight, Leiah talked about:
  • how homeopathic medicine works in the body to help treat Everyday Emotions.
  • why managing Everyday Emotions is so important for your general health.
  • her top homeopathic remedies for coping with Everyday Emotions.



Leiah Golden is a Melbourne homeopath with a passion for offering natural options for great health. Using both classical and modern homeopathic techniques along with nutritional and lifestyle advice, her main aim is to find the best way to help each individual improve their health and stay free from stress and disease. Leiah received her Bachelor Degree of Health Science in Homeopathy from Australia’s leading teaching institute of natural medicine, Endeavour College of Natural Health, and has been able to integrate her training with 13 year’s experience in the health industry.

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The full transcript follows – E&OE : HAP201008 transcript


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