Please meet Sanjeev Gupta, HAP’s candidate in the upper house North Metropolitan region in Western Australia’s state election March 13 2021.

Sanjeev Gupta

Age: 36
Number of children: no children
Country born in: India
Career highlights: Project Manager and Operations manager in India and Australia for a UK-based enterprise. MBA and B.Sc. degrees, from Australia and India. Social work in West Bengal, India.
Why Sanjeev wants to be elected: So I can work towards making WA a better place to live for everyone.

Sanjeev came to Western Australia as an international student and was mesmerised by the tranquillity of the beaches, flora and fauna and decided to call Western Australia his home away from home.

He is an accountant, Real Estate Sales Consultant and proud small business owner. Sanjeev has worked in Australia as an accountant and in India as Project Manager and Operation manager for a UK based enterprise.

In addition to running his own business consulting business, Sanjeev is passionately helping others in the community to establish local business, and contributing towards reviving the local economy. Sanjeev in the past has owned businesses in WA in retail and IT services. Sanjeev believes in promoting local manufacturing business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Sanjeev has an MBA degree from Murdoch University, is an associate of the Institute of Professional Accountants, has a double Diploma in IT from TAFE and a Bachelor of Science degree with honours major in Botany, Genetics, Microbiology and Environmental Science from Burdwan University, India, and is recognised by the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition, Australia.

In his MBA Sanjeev studied Effective Leadership, Neuro marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship along with other business and law subjects.

Sanjeev is a profound believer of social inclusiveness and an economically progressive society. He is very passionate about improving the existing lifestyle of Western Australians, WA’s world-renowned health care system, aged care facilities, indigenous culture and heritage and the diversity of the Australian population. As a result, he is very passionate and eager to preserve these and work towards making WA a better place to live.

Sanjeev has been passionate about his fellow humans’ wellbeing and was a remarkable and recognised social worker back in India. He has worked for Nishan Hat basti, a slum in West Bengal, India where he helped children access free education, free ration for below poverty line people, mid-day meal programme and helping them get electricity connections and sanitation services through various government initiatives. Sanjeev has also helped thousands of minority community people to access West Bengal’s government Minority Loan Scheme to start small businesses based on their skill sets.

Sanjeev was the first student independently elected to the Senate at Murdoch University, where he helped international students in their academic and personal issues. He established and ran many clubs for International students, and the Murdoch Nepalese Association which was featured in a WA newspaper for helping earthquake victims of Nepal.

Sanjeev stands for

  • a transparent and honest governance
  • Australian First Approach when it’s matter of local job creation
  • a sustainable immigration system
  • a drug and violence-free community
  • better health care for the elderly and children
  • shorter waiting periods for essential or non-essential surgery
  • environments inducive for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • a start-up fund for local start-ups
  • an aggressive business strategy for “being local, being vocal and go global” for Australian businesses
  • more spending on national infrastructure
  • setting up an environmental fund to counter soil erosion, fossil fuel dependency
  • bush management, wild-life rehabilitation and reducing ozone depletion

Sanjeev also participated in the City of Stirling local council election in 2019.

Please head to our Candidates page to read about our other candidates in the WA election 2021.

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  1. Holly Whyte
    Holly Whyte says:

    what is your stance with regards to the covid vaccination and the restrictions for those not willing to take it?
    many thanks

  2. Molly Knight
    Molly Knight says:

    Sanjeev, along with all of our candidates, does not support coercive vaccination policies. We strongly support bodily autonomy and would vote against any bills that sought to remove the right to say NO or imposed restrictions as a result of ones choice to decline any vaccine.


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