Samantha Tilbury WA

Samantha was originally from South Africa before moving to England to finish high school. She later lived in the USA helping a family in caring for their young children. Samantha and her family took the opportunity to move to Perth for a better quality of life for her children, with all the advantages of living in a free democracy.

She proudly took Australian citizenship in 2013.

‘First and foremost I am a mum of a young adult and a teenager, as well as sole carer to my daughter Courtney who has been diagnosed with neurological issues which includes epilepsy, intellectual disability and autistic characteristics. I have a keen interest in complementary and alternative therapies having sought their help for myself and my family since the birth of my son and even more intensively in the last 10 years.’

 Samantha is passionately representing the future health needs of children who have no voice.

Her candidacy is motivated by the aspiration to better understand and optimise the health needs of our children, and a desire to give families across Australia the freedoms to enjoy health and wellbeing. Samantha has dedicated her life to the care and compassion for others and believes the critical nature of the healthcare she has delivered for her daughter over the last decade is the work experience required to prepare for this Senate candidacy.

Samantha is acutely aware of the need of families to access unbiased health information and balanced education, to earlier implement practices for achieving best health. She absolutely believes she can assist families and individuals by drawing on her life experience and training in Remedial Massage, Aromatherapy & Reflexology, which includes providing health protocols to her clients.

Samantha offers her services to promote the health and wellness of all Australians.

In good faith, Australia needs the goodwill of everyday Australians to share the sentiment: “Health is Wealth”. This is whole-heartedly supported by the Health Australia Party who truly understands and commits to what all Australian families need.