Dr Isaac Golden outlines the Health Australia Party response to the 2020 Federal Budget. First published on Facebook 9th October 2020

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Leiah Golden, a homeopath, joined us Thursday October 8  to discuss homeopathic remedies for coping with everyday emotions, for both children and adults. In her live discussion with Molly Knight, Leiah talked about: how homeopathic medicine works in the body to help treat Everyday Emotions. why managing Everyday Emotions is so important for your general […]

Cheryl Mead, building biologist, joined us Thursday October 1st at 7pm AEST for part 2 of her live interview with Molly Knight. Following on from their very interesting discussion about building biology last Thursday, they focussed on children’s health, and talked about:

safe pregnancy babies children effects of mould and environmental toxins electromagnetic frequencies (EMF) […]

Cheryl Mead, building biologist, joined us 24th September 2020 to discuss the science and art of creating a ​healthy home and work environment. In her live interview with Molly Knight she covered:

mould/biotoxins in water-damaged buildings, including the biological effects of living or working in a water-damaged building  how to identify if your home or […]

Matt Wong joined Molly Knight to discuss the COVID-19 Omnibus (Emergency Measures) and Other Acts Amendment Bill 2020. Matt analysed the Bill and what it means for Victorians.


Matt’s website The Peoples Project on Facebook


Matt has had a very interesting range of […]

Victorians are under one of the world’s toughest long term restrictions with no reprieve in sight, based on flawed computer modelling, a ‘roadmap’ that is tunnel visioned and is not backed by scientific evidence. The Victorian State Government cannot be allowed to continue with its present leadership. The damage to the State and all citizens […]


The HAP is seeking feedback to determine whether media accounts of approval ratings for Daniel Andrews are accurate. Provide your responses below so that the unbiased views of Victorians can truly be represented.

Judy Wilyman PhD joined us Thursday September 17 on Facebook Live to discuss the responses of Governments in Australia to Covid-19. In her live discussion with Molly Knight she covered : unscientific restrictions flawed medical testing conflicts of interest in government advisory panels the Covid-19 vaccine chosen for Australians


Visit […]

Jenny Johnston interview

Have these unprecedented times taken a toll on your mental health? Jenny Johnston, hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner joined us Thursday September 10th to discuss how EFT can support you in managing anxiety, pain, depression and fear. In her live discussion with Molly Knight, Jenny discussed and demonstrated: The beginnings of EFT Emotional Freedom Technique How […]

Dr Peter Eng joined us on Thu 3rd September 2020 to discuss the effects of mould on your health. In the Facebook Live discussion, Dr Eng covered why mould has become such a big problem, the health risks associated with exposure, treatment options and solutions that can help keep your home and body mould free. […]

Anita Bentata, soul centred psychotherapist and counsellor joined us on Thursday 27th August via Facebook Live to discuss how you can shift overwhelm, confusion and emotional pain. In her live discussion with Molly Knight, Anita covered: Dealing with rage and helplessness. Using your whole brain (not just parts) to keep you on track Two human […]

Dr. Julie McCredden PhD, President of the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association Inc (ORSAA) spoke with Molly Knight on 20th August 2020 about the effects of EMR on cognitive processes in children and adults.

In her Facebook Live interview with Molly Knight, Dr McCredden discussed:

How wifi and mobile technologies work If wifi signals affect […]

Prof Kylie O’Brien discussed with Molly Knight the research behind medicinal cannabis and its benefits. Kylie explained how cannabis is used by the body and the ways in which it can provide relief in a wide variety of health issues. The dangers were also covered as was the history of cannabis use going back thousands […]

Cyndi O’Meara joined Molly Knight on 6th August 2020 for a Facebook Live interview where Cyndi provided her views on how you can bring about positive changes in your personal life that will lead to collective action to heal the nation.


Cyndi’s website

View the complete interview by […]

Elizabeth Madders discusses with Molly Knight the hazards of wi-fi in schools, the second part of our series “Joining the Dots”



Wi-Fi in schools Bio initiative report ORSAA database EMF Portal EM Facts […]

In this first of two interviews on the whole EMR discussion, Molly talks to Lena Pu in California, USA, about the technical issues and hazards associated with 5G in particular.

How does 5G differ to the other G’s “297G” is how Lena refers to 5G because of the wide spectrum of frequencies under the 5G […]

Dr Catherine Fyans, medical practitoner with 40 years of experience discussing with Molly Knight on 28th July 2020:

The effects of sustained fear on the immune system Reliability of Covid19 testing Mass testing and positive ‘cases’  What does this actually mean? Pro’s and con’s of wearing a mask. What does the science say? What are […]

Serene Teffaha, a Victorian solicitor, joined Molly Knight on 23rd July 2020 for a wide-ranging discussion on the Government restrictions across Australia.

Some of the key points discussed were:

The State of Emergency – did the Government meet the requirements to declare one? BioSecurity Act 2015 – can it be used to issue mandates across […]

Karen Chegwidden, President of the Home Education Association joined HAP’s Molly Knight on 16th July 2020 to chat about home education.

Some of the key topics discussed were:

Where to get started The pitfalls to watch out for Real-life skill building experiences The availability of community sports and activities Networking with other home educating families […]

Are you being manipulated?  This was the subject of a discussion between HAP’s Molly Knight and Barry Bardoe, an information warfare specialist. It was broadcast live via the Health Australia Party Facebook page on the 9th July 2020.

Barry covered the ways in which neuroscience is used to influence and manipulate peoples opinions.

Click […]

What are the benefits of vitamins C, D and zinc?  This was the subject of a discussion between HAP’s Molly Knight and Prof Ian Brighthope. It was broadcast live via the Health Australia Party Facebook page on the 2nd July 2020.

Prof Brighthope gave a full account […]