We are very happy to introduce Michele Castle, HAP’s candidate for the upper house South Metropolitan region in Western Australia’s state election on March 13 2021.

Michele Castle

Age: 51
Number of children: 3
Country born in: Australia
Career highlights: Established Suneek sunscreen, Vivacious Living Centre, Perth Festival of Healing. Feng Shui consulting.
Why Michele wants to be elected: To help where needed to make a difference in peoples lives, homes, health, relationships and businesses.

Michele’s journey is how to touch people’s lives and make a difference. Michele is a very personable, organised, energetic, approachable, business-like, problem solver. From an early age Michele has always been very generous with her time. Michele lives and was born in Perth, educated in the Perth Hills, and has always lived and worked in Perth’s South region.

She is a single mother of three children a daughter 23, Sons 22 and 16 who all still live at home within the southern region. Michele has singularly supported and brought up her 3 children to be compassionate, hardworking, and kind individuals.

Michele believes in the value of hard work and merit.

Michele is a facilitator and works hard to support, educate, and connect people.

She stands for people being given better choices, better health, and a better environment.

Michele’s desire to help, assist and connect started at a young age leaving school at 15 years old, to work as a medical receptionist. This role enabled Michele to help people every day whether it was by listening to their stories or helping with support and advice. A desire for more, Michele during this time studied interior design architectural and cartographical drafting, igniting her interest in community, buildings, and the environment.

When she was 18 years old, community conscious and the “Lion’s Miss Personality Quest” beckoned, and she embarked in fundraising for medical research to improve health standards within the community. Michele then continued after her term, to mentor future contestants on their journey.

By 20 years of age, Michele set up her first business, a Recycling Boutique in Bentley, with local Curtin University students selling and displaying their work within the boutique. This segued into the idea of designing and manufacturing swimwear and leisure wear made to order to accommodate women with mastectomies and for women who had trouble in finding swimwear that would fit them and they would be comfortable in.

At 25 years old, Michele’s Mum had a serious incident with sun cancer. Michele pregnant with her first child, felt a need to educate and encourage, especially children to wear sunscreen. “Suneek” sunscreen, after sun lotion/gel, and Lip balm, was formed, created, and manufactured here in Perth being natural and Australian made. Selling nationally and internationally and recommended by the Cancer Foundation. After many years, another child, and the breakdown of her marriage as a single Mum, “Suneek” had had its time.

Michele now looked at “Feng Shui” as a tool to improve her family health, home and environment. Starting a passion for the art of Feng Shui, interior, land and building design this followed on with studies under various Masters, including Chinese astrology and metaphysical studies.

Michele has since had a long and successful 18 year career within this field consulting, designing teaching and running retreats, locally and internationally. Achieving success for many within their own homes, buildings, businesses. With education and choice people can help themselves for better health, wealth, relationship luck and environment. Often Challenging times brings shifts and chance for change within self, home and environment. Come 2013, Michele took over and redeveloped a boutique business “Vivacious Living Centre” in Applecross. Creating a community with a seminar room and consulting rooms for small businesses and natural therapists. Networking sundowners where established to educate small business owners and like-minded people as well as events and open days for practitioners and local business. After establishing a successful Vivacious Living Centre, Michele embarked on running retreats and teaching at Curtin University for a short period of time, networking and supporting small business when she could assist. She has also won awards for small business and networking from peers.

Michele was the 2018 Founder of Perth’s Festival of Healing’ a social enterprise for community awareness, aiming to educate and enable people to understand and experience the many forms of healing modalities firsthand. With a strong belief in keeping it local, supporting local business and community, Michele has since run several festivals and events within Perth.

Michele supports small local businesses. She gives her time and knowledge freely. Michele believes everyone should have a choice for their health, education, and success. With a little hard work, educated decisions and knowledge, everyone in Australia should have equal access to opportunities.

Michele is very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Health Australia Party it being a natural and organic step in the direction of spreading the word, connecting, business, and people. Choice for greater community good for health, environment, education, society and especially families. Everyone deserves education and choice for a greater future… It is a time of change, time for a new point of view and for our country and people to be genuinely healthy happy Australians.

Please head to our Candidates page to read about our other candidates in the WA election March 2021.

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  1. Gil Deane
    Gil Deane says:

    I live in the suburb of Mount Nasura, Perth. Please advise the name of the HAP representative for my electorate for next months state election.
    Gil Deane.


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