We are very happy to introduce Lidia Skorokhod, our candidate for East Metropolitan Region.

Lidia is very passionate about promoting a healthier way of living for people by creating an awareness of the society in which we all live.

This passion started from an early age and lead to a way of thinking which encompasses the use of alternative medicines, food free from additives and free from GMO, safe conventional medicines, safe and nontoxic toys and furniture, freedom of choice regarding immunization and medical practices and also that health can be helped by holistic approaches.

During her universities years Lidia was a very active student representative with a passion for student rights, homegrown political issues and general social issues. While at university she completed a Bachelor Degree in International Economics, and a Bachelor Degree of Science in Business Management.

Lidia strongly supports the environmental ideas of locally grown organic food and biodynamic agriculture along with the promotion of local businesses.

Within the last ten years Lidia became known within the community as a mother who strongly believed in healthy food, healthy living, and healthy education. During this time she completed studies in Kinesiology and other holistic practices which gave her an opportunity to help not just herself, but family, friends and others.

The Health Australia Party was a natural progression for Lidia as its values and policies align with her own and she strongly believes that by empowering people through unbiased information we can build a healthier and happier society. People should always be given the opportunity to make their own informed choices in life.

Please head to our Candidates page to read about our other candidates in the WA election 2021.

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