Kathryn Breakwell VICKathryn Breakwell has enjoyed a diverse career, and maintains a strong commitment to animal rights and environmental issues.

After completing a Diploma in hospitality and tourism she took on leadership roles within the corporate sector. Subsequent to further studies outside the corporate sector, she established a successful business combining Swedish and remedial massage, personal training, and meditation facilitation services.

Ms Breakwell is editor of ‘Vegetarian Victoria,’ and now owns a vegan business selling naturopathic products and supplies for animals, along with a range of products for humans who care about animal welfare. It was created with the intention of donating to animal conservation and rights projects.  She also volunteers at an animal sanctuary.

Ms Breakwell is passionate about creating positive change on a variety of issues including but not limited to human rights and welfare issues, Indigenous Australian matters, foreign investor land ownership, access to healthy organic food and water using environmentally sustainable practices, environmental land conservation and regeneration, clean energy, balanced and transparent education curriculum, and respect for animal rights. Ms Breakwell believes there are “myriad of other issues which the current and previous governments have allowed to devolve.”

“The Health Australia Party’s five ‘policy pillars’ – Healthy People, Healthy Economy, Healthy Environment, Healthy Society and Healthy Democracy – are congruent with my own values”, she states. “I want to see these issues addressed for the sake of a healthy, vital, and abundant future for all Australians, the environment, and animals. The vast majority of Australians want these basic things, and they want a common sense, principled approach from politicians who actually care.”