Please meet Justin Zwartkruis, our candidate for the South West Region.

Justin was born and lives in Perth Western Australia, with close family ties to the greater southwest. Family roots come from Northcliffe, Tone River, Manjimup and Burekup. A home away from home and the getaway we all look forward to. Justin started studying in natural therapies after completing year 12 and attempting TEE examinations. Justin has always had an interest in caring for individuals and started his training as a massage therapist in 2006.

After training and working in the massage industry there was a door opening to learn and understand that there were a great number of other alternatives to general medicine that worked holistically for the person’s greater well-being. After consideration it only made sense to expand massage training to learn about holistic spa therapy where we are taken on a journey of experience to complete well-being.

Knowing that mental health was connected to physical well-being, and after a family tragedy, Justin completed a diploma in counselling. Mental health is a key stone to making sure we live happy and productive lives. There has not been enough emphasis on the importance of mental health and the connection to physical well-being. If Justin could make any change in the world it would be to increase people’s knowledge in how the mind links to the body and awareness of physical actions that affect mental well-being.

Justin would like that future generations to have stronger self-awareness. Happier individuals can influence a thriving community where no one is alone. This goal is achievable with the right support and programs in place. Let us strive for a strong and healthy community together.

The Health Australia Party aligns with Justin’s values and morals.

Please head to our Candidates page to read about our other candidates in the WA election 2021.

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  1. Bee Winfield
    Bee Winfield says:

    Justin you are my man! Could you please tell us how we could support you, how to vote on the big day, your contact details? I am an organic farmer in Nannup and would love to hand out how to vote cards for you and promotional leaflets about you and the Health Austrlaia Party. Im actually trying to make Greens voters aware of the Greens terrible support for mandatory or coerced vaccination. i am a recent escapee from the Greens myself and are just becoming aware that the violent Stop Australian Vaccination network were congratulated by the former Greens leader Di Natali , and his successor Adam Bandt is apparently no better! Thanks for standing up and God bless you .


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