THE TRUTH ABOUT NATURAL MEDICINE is being hidden from the public and politicians.


Support this petition which requests the House of Representatives to create an Agency which will direct independent research to uncover and publish the truth. More details available at

PRACTITIONERS of all natural modalities; this Petition is for you, but will only work if YOU make it happen.

Please place the promotion page in your clinic, and the Petition pages to be signed. If you download the attached material here please let Dr Golden know at, and you will be sent a reminder when the signed pages need to be returned.

IF 10,000 practitioners each get 100 patients to sign, WE WILL PROTECT NATURAL MEDICINE IN AUSTRALIA.


1. This is NOT a Health Australia Party petition, but the HAP has agreed to assist the petitioner, Dr Isaac Golden, to make this happen. People of any political persuasion who want to keep natural medicine as an option in Australia should feel free to sign the petition.

2. If you are a patient, please tell your practitioner and/or your local health food store about this petition if they don’t already have this in their clinic or store. Feel free to print out any of the material to take to your practitioner, OR to your local health food store.

3. Please also give your support to an online petition by practitioner associations under the banner YOUR HEALTH, YOUR CHOICE, requesting the Senate to conduct an inquiry into the probity of NHMRC research. You can access this petition at