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We believe that a healthy Australia must be built on the following five fundamentals: Healthy People, Healthy Economy, Healthy Environment, Healthy Democracy and Healthy Society. Today we’ll feature our health policy.

Health policy

Australia is experiencing an epidemic of chronic disease which is rarely discussed by health officials or in the media.

The current medical business model provides no incentive for drug manufacturers to promote good health. The Health Australia Party will lead an open and objective analysis of this model.

Rather than assume that the only way to achieve better medical care is to spend more money, we will demonstrate through scientific and economic analyses that the best way to manage long-term health costs is to make people healthier.

The result will be a happier and more productive community where quality of life matches longevity. It will also help make the health budget sustainable.

So instead of an increasingly more expensive disease management system, the Health Australia Party will focus on the creation of health as being the primary goal.

Parts of the present system are indeed world-best, especially emergency medicine services and some non-pharmaceutical developments such as eye surgery pioneered by the late Professor Fred Hollows and the Cochlea ear technology developed by Professor Graeme Clark.

Australia is fortunate to have many devoted, caring and skilled professionals working within the current system including doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

We respect and support their contributions, and will promote the establishment of Integrative Medical Centres where patients can access the best of conventional and natural medicine, and where practitioners from all disciplines work cooperatively together. We will encourage extension of this practical cooperation into our hospitals.

Health Australia Party intends to:

  1. Recognise that a broad, integrative approach to health care is required based on what is best for patients and free from corporate or personal vested interests.
  2. Support a national system of health care which encourages collaboration between general practitioners, specialists, allied health professionals and natural health care practitioners.
  3. Recognise that the present epidemic of chronic diseases in Australia needs to be managed using a different paradigm which includes natural medicine, and that potentially serious infectious diseases be managed using a thoroughly researched program of immunisation that is both safe and effective.
  4. Fund methodically appropriate, objective, independent research into all aspects of natural and pharmaceutical medicine to reliably inform citizens and political leaders of the relative proven costs and benefits to the community.
  5. Recognise that the requirement for the informed consent of the patient before administration of a medication or a medical procedure/intervention is a basic human right.
  6. Defend the right of every person/parent/legal guardian to choose to decline invasive medical procedures/interventions with no resultant punitive action of any kind.
  7. Transform the Australian health care system from a disease management system (albeit with some excellent features such as in emergency medicine) to a health creation system. Promote genuine preventative medicine involving making citizens more healthy in every way – intellectually, emotionally and physically.
  8. Protect the future of Medicare. Quantify the potential for natural medicine to help maintain the financial viability of Medicare.
  9. Defend the right of women to choose homebirth without penalty. We believe homebirth provides a safe birthing option; safety has been studied by the Cochrane Collaboration review of homebirth which concluded that for normal pregnancies with suitably qualified persons in attendance, safety was at least as good as hospital births, but with far fewer medical interventions.

Find all of Health Australia Party’s policies on this page:

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