HAP calling for change in Victoria

Victorians are under one of the world’s toughest long term restrictions with no reprieve in sight, based on flawed computer modelling, a ‘roadmap’ that is tunnel visioned and is not backed by scientific evidence. The Victorian State Government cannot be allowed to continue with its present leadership. The damage to the State and all citizens is catastrophic.

The HAP is calling for three primary actions:

  1. For the Victorian ALP to remove Daniel Andrews as Premier immediately
  2. The immediate revision of the unrealistic roadmap including a reduction of targets/restrictions which are not back by science
  3. An immediate full independent investigation into Daniel Andrews leadership over the Covid19 response and the integrity of the ALP Government under Daniel Andrews.

Important questions need to be asked of Daniel Andrews leadership and decision making during the State Government’s COVID19 response. Wider questions of his party’s activities now also warrant investigation, especially with regards to the dealings around the Chinese ‘Belt and Road Initiative’.

Questions asked should include:


  • Has Daniel Andrews considered advice from a wide range of experts concerning the impacts of the restrictions?
  • Why has Daniel Andrews not explored the use of evidence-based treatments including natural medicines that they are being used successfully in the COVID19 response throughout the world?
  • Is Daniel Andrews roadmap contingent on unrealistic targets that are not applied anywhere else in Australia and possibly the world?
  • Have there been statistical errors and/or manipulation to justify the aggressive lock downs imposed on Victorians?
  • Did Daniel Andrews choose a security company for hotel quarantine arrangements based upon vested interests or identity politics rather than competency for the task?
  • Why has Daniel Andrews stated that the roadmap is not an elimination strategy and that an elimination strategy is not appropriate, yet his roadmap requires 14 days with zero cases across the state?
  • Why did he refuse ADF assistance and subsequently lie about this to the inquiry?
  • Why is Daniel Andrews mandating a curfew that was not recommended by the Chief Health Officer Professor Brett Sutton or the Police Commissioner Shane Patton?
  • Are the growing instances of police heavy-handedness being driven by the government?
  • Were deals done with minor parties to pass the State of Emergency extension that may have circumvented the democratic process?


  • Did ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ lobbyist Jean Dong receive over $36,000 in payments from the Victorian Government?
  • How is the Daniel Andrews Government able to sign a ‘Belt and Road Initiative’ agreement without Federal approval?
  • What is the extent of branch stacking in the state ALP and have all people involved been identified and dealt with appropriately?
  • Are the party’s financial dealings all above board?

The time has come where we must ask ourselves whether the cure is worse than the disease.

We now implore all Victorians to write to their MPs and demand action – we’ve made it easy.