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Please meet Catheryn Wright, one of HAP’s candidates for the upper house South Metropolitan region in Western Australia’s state election on March 13 2021.

About Catheryn

Catheryn was born and bred in Western Australia and she graduated from Perth College in 1984.

She then attended theatre and design school and completed a Diploma in Business Studies. She went on to complete a Diploma in Beauty Therapy and Dermal Science, and has owned multiple beauty salons.

Catheryn has raised four children, and has been a real estate and business broker. Today she is an ambassador for Q Sciences, a company that makes health products such as hemp oil and nutritional supplements available.

Catheryn’s values are in alignment with those of the Health Australia Party. Her special interests are that medicinal cannabis should be easily accessible and affordable and that natural medicine should be placed on an equal footing with pharmaceutical medicine.

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This episode of the podcast is a little different. It is a copy of the interview Bass Tadros, our candidate for the Agriculture Region seat in the WA State elections, recorded with Carters Corner on the 9th February 2021.

Our thanks to Travis Carter for providing the copy of the interview. You can find more information on Travis at his website here, or on Facebook here.

Listen to episode 27 of the podcast below:

Many people have been inquiring as to what our voting preferences are in the upcoming March state election in Western Australia.

These are now available on the Elections WA site by clicking here.

As our candidates are only standing for Legislative Council seats you need to know which region you are eligible to vote in to view our registered preferences.

You are of course able to nominate your own preferences by completing the “below the line” section on your ballot paper.


We are very happy to introduce Lidia Skorokhod, our candidate for East Metropolitan Region.

Lidia is very passionate about promoting a healthier way of living for people by creating an awareness of the society in which we all live.

This passion started from an early age and lead to a way of thinking which encompasses the use of alternative medicines, food free from additives and free from GMO, safe conventional medicines, safe and nontoxic toys and furniture, freedom of choice regarding immunization and medical practices and also that health can be helped by holistic approaches.

During her universities years Lidia was a very active student representative with a passion for student rights, homegrown political issues and general social issues. While at university she completed a Bachelor Degree in International Economics, and a Bachelor Degree of Science in Business Management.

Lidia strongly supports the environmental ideas of locally grown organic food and biodynamic agriculture along with the promotion of local businesses.

Within the last ten years Lidia became known within the community as a mother who strongly believed in healthy food, healthy living, and healthy education. During this time she completed studies in Kinesiology and other holistic practices which gave her an opportunity to help not just herself, but family, friends and others.

The Health Australia Party was a natural progression for Lidia as its values and policies align with her own and she strongly believes that by empowering people through unbiased information we can build a healthier and happier society. People should always be given the opportunity to make their own informed choices in life.

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Please meet Justin Zwartkruis, our candidate for the South West Region.

Justin was born and lives in Perth Western Australia, with close family ties to the greater southwest. Family roots come from Northcliffe, Tone River, Manjimup and Burekup. A home away from home and the getaway we all look forward to. Justin started studying in natural therapies after completing year 12 and attempting TEE examinations. Justin has always had an interest in caring for individuals and started his training as a massage therapist in 2006.

After training and working in the massage industry there was a door opening to learn and understand that there were a great number of other alternatives to general medicine that worked holistically for the person’s greater well-being. After consideration it only made sense to expand massage training to learn about holistic spa therapy where we are taken on a journey of experience to complete well-being.

Knowing that mental health was connected to physical well-being, and after a family tragedy, Justin completed a diploma in counselling. Mental health is a key stone to making sure we live happy and productive lives. There has not been enough emphasis on the importance of mental health and the connection to physical well-being. If Justin could make any change in the world it would be to increase people’s knowledge in how the mind links to the body and awareness of physical actions that affect mental well-being.

Justin would like that future generations to have stronger self-awareness. Happier individuals can influence a thriving community where no one is alone. This goal is achievable with the right support and programs in place. Let us strive for a strong and healthy community together.

The Health Australia Party aligns with Justin’s values and morals.

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We are very pleased to introduce Teddy Craies, our candidate for the Mining and Pastoral Region.

Teddy is an engineer, a business manager and a wellness consultant. He has worked in Australia and globally within the mining related industries for over 30 years in business management and development.

In addition to running his own wellness coaching and consulting business since 2010, he also runs his own business development, sales and marketing consulting business, working with small business in Australia, Europe and Asia to help them open new markets and improve their business performance.

Teddy is a “Fellow of the International Management Centres Association, UK” and a founding member of “Chartered Institute of Purchasing & Supply Australia”. He strongly supports and runs community activities and events to support families and empower them with skills and tools to build resilience to manage stress, work life balance and wellness advice. Teddy fully supports the five pillars of the Health Australia Party; Healthy People, Healthy Economy, Healthy Environment, Healthy Democracy and a Healthy Society to help deal with the issues facing our Australian community.

Teddy is passionate about Australia, this beautiful country of ours and our community of families, men, women and children of all cultures, beliefs and lifestyles, who live in harmony, work and contribute in the best interest of each other and Australia. We are a free country that believes in a democratic system and we all need to stand up for our rights to live a sustainable life in happiness and good health. We should all have access to all the essential ingredients to live our lives such as: food, shelter, education, medical care, transportation, infrastructure, jobs, aged care, family support facilities, our land and agricultural, the security of our country and people and care of our environment.

Teddy is passionate about ensuring our seniors and retirees are treated with respect and supported with a quality pension system and quality services to enable them to live in good health and harmony with all the required essentials for a quality life.

It was Henry Ford who said, “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Teddy believes that the 5 pillars of Health Australia Party can pave the way to bring us together, and work to improve the lives of all Australians, our economy, our environment, our society and our way of living.

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Please meet Bass Tadros, HAP’s candidate in the upper house agricultural region in WA’s state election March 13 2021.

Bass Tadros

Age: 39
Number of children: 3
Country born in: Egypt
Career highlights: Asia Pacific regional Marketing Specialist for a top Fortune 500 global leader in mining, construction and agricultural equipment. Established his private practice in mental health care.
Why Bass wants to be elected: It’s the best way I can make much-needed changes to government, so people get the representation and care they need.

Bass’s passion for helping people and giving back stems from his core values and upbringing, growing up with a father who was in law enforcement and a mother who was in education.

He describes his childhood as his foundation for his love of family, learning, discipline, travel, culture, communication and working to help others. By age 10 Bass had lived in three countries, over three continents and had learned to speak vastly different languages. By mid-twenties he was studying and researching the human behaviour and personal development.

Bass is a graduate of Victoria University, with over 15 years experience in Corporate Marketing & Business management.

He was the Asia Pacific regional Marketing Specialist for a top Fortune 500 multi-national, Global leader in Mining, Construction and Agricultural equipment. Bass developed his career in multiple roles with the organisation towards specialising in communication, supply chain, training & teaching methods for developing loyalty.

He has led teams of professionals in Australia and internationally through successful and seamless change.

Bass developed a dedication to helping people identify and shift the unseen forces that are the barriers to personal and professional success.

Passionate to support people during times of change to seamless transition, adapting to change, planning for short and long-term success, and to enable personal empowerment, he ensures that clients take control of their lives by eliminating negative habits and installing positive strategies.

He is a published author of ‘Three Steps To Inspiration For Life’.

Inspired by a passion for training and his conviction to help people, Bass moved into the Human Development space. The primary focus of his private practice is Behaviour, Communication and Human Transformation.

Bass’s special interests are optimising human relationships in the workplace, mindfulness coaching, stress management and mental health care at work and home.

Over the past six years he has been working locally supporting the community with training programs and workshops. He has also integrated other frameworks including clinical hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistics programming and utilises revolutionary new tools in human transformation and empowerment to deliver lasting results for clients as an allied practitioner.

Having volunteered for WTV community free to air television, Bass learned about media and TV presenting for over three years on various community TV shows and programs.

This is led to Bass meeting with HAP WA State leaders, while he was a presenter for WTV, he interviewed them and learned about the five pillars of the Health Australia Party; Healthy People, Healthy Economy, Healthy Environment, Healthy Democracy and a Healthy Society to help deal with the issues Australians are facing currently.

This sparked his inspiration due to the alignment in values, which has since led to him joining HAP as a member and now candidate for WA.

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Please meet Sanjeev Gupta, HAP’s candidate in the upper house North Metropolitan region in Western Australia’s state election March 13 2021.

Sanjeev Gupta

Age: 36
Number of children: no children
Country born in: India
Career highlights: Project Manager and Operations manager in India and Australia for a UK-based enterprise. MBA and B.Sc. degrees, from Australia and India. Social work in West Bengal, India.
Why Sanjeev wants to be elected: So I can work towards making WA a better place to live for everyone.

Sanjeev came to Western Australia as an international student and was mesmerised by the tranquillity of the beaches, flora and fauna and decided to call Western Australia his home away from home.

He is an accountant, Real Estate Sales Consultant and proud small business owner. Sanjeev has worked in Australia as an accountant and in India as Project Manager and Operation manager for a UK based enterprise.

In addition to running his own business consulting business, Sanjeev is passionately helping others in the community to establish local business, and contributing towards reviving the local economy. Sanjeev in the past has owned businesses in WA in retail and IT services. Sanjeev believes in promoting local manufacturing business, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Sanjeev has an MBA degree from Murdoch University, is an associate of the Institute of Professional Accountants, has a double Diploma in IT from TAFE and a Bachelor of Science degree with honours major in Botany, Genetics, Microbiology and Environmental Science from Burdwan University, India, and is recognised by the National Office of Overseas Skills Recognition, Australia.

In his MBA Sanjeev studied Effective Leadership, Neuro marketing, Innovation and Entrepreneurship along with other business and law subjects.

Sanjeev is a profound believer of social inclusiveness and an economically progressive society. He is very passionate about improving the existing lifestyle of Western Australians, WA’s world-renowned health care system, aged care facilities, indigenous culture and heritage and the diversity of the Australian population. As a result, he is very passionate and eager to preserve these and work towards making WA a better place to live.

Sanjeev has been passionate about his fellow humans’ wellbeing and was a remarkable and recognised social worker back in India. He has worked for Nishan Hat basti, a slum in West Bengal, India where he helped children access free education, free ration for below poverty line people, mid-day meal programme and helping them get electricity connections and sanitation services through various government initiatives. Sanjeev has also helped thousands of minority community people to access West Bengal’s government Minority Loan Scheme to start small businesses based on their skill sets.

Sanjeev was the first student independently elected to the Senate at Murdoch University, where he helped international students in their academic and personal issues. He established and ran many clubs for International students, and the Murdoch Nepalese Association which was featured in a WA newspaper for helping earthquake victims of Nepal.

Sanjeev stands for

  • a transparent and honest governance
  • Australian First Approach when it’s matter of local job creation
  • a sustainable immigration system
  • a drug and violence-free community
  • better health care for the elderly and children
  • shorter waiting periods for essential or non-essential surgery
  • environments inducive for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • a start-up fund for local start-ups
  • an aggressive business strategy for “being local, being vocal and go global” for Australian businesses
  • more spending on national infrastructure
  • setting up an environmental fund to counter soil erosion, fossil fuel dependency
  • bush management, wild-life rehabilitation and reducing ozone depletion

Sanjeev also participated in the City of Stirling local council election in 2019.

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We are very happy to introduce Michele Castle, HAP’s candidate for the upper house South Metropolitan region in Western Australia’s state election on March 13 2021.

Michele Castle

Age: 51
Number of children: 3
Country born in: Australia
Career highlights: Established Suneek sunscreen, Vivacious Living Centre, Perth Festival of Healing. Feng Shui consulting.
Why Michele wants to be elected: To help where needed to make a difference in peoples lives, homes, health, relationships and businesses.

Michele’s journey is how to touch people’s lives and make a difference. Michele is a very personable, organised, energetic, approachable, business-like, problem solver. From an early age Michele has always been very generous with her time. Michele lives and was born in Perth, educated in the Perth Hills, and has always lived and worked in Perth’s South region.

She is a single mother of three children a daughter 23, Sons 22 and 16 who all still live at home within the southern region. Michele has singularly supported and brought up her 3 children to be compassionate, hardworking, and kind individuals.

Michele believes in the value of hard work and merit.

Michele is a facilitator and works hard to support, educate, and connect people.

She stands for people being given better choices, better health, and a better environment.

Michele’s desire to help, assist and connect started at a young age leaving school at 15 years old, to work as a medical receptionist. This role enabled Michele to help people every day whether it was by listening to their stories or helping with support and advice. A desire for more, Michele during this time studied interior design architectural and cartographical drafting, igniting her interest in community, buildings, and the environment.

When she was 18 years old, community conscious and the “Lion’s Miss Personality Quest” beckoned, and she embarked in fundraising for medical research to improve health standards within the community. Michele then continued after her term, to mentor future contestants on their journey.

By 20 years of age, Michele set up her first business, a Recycling Boutique in Bentley, with local Curtin University students selling and displaying their work within the boutique. This segued into the idea of designing and manufacturing swimwear and leisure wear made to order to accommodate women with mastectomies and for women who had trouble in finding swimwear that would fit them and they would be comfortable in.

At 25 years old, Michele’s Mum had a serious incident with sun cancer. Michele pregnant with her first child, felt a need to educate and encourage, especially children to wear sunscreen. “Suneek” sunscreen, after sun lotion/gel, and Lip balm, was formed, created, and manufactured here in Perth being natural and Australian made. Selling nationally and internationally and recommended by the Cancer Foundation. After many years, another child, and the breakdown of her marriage as a single Mum, “Suneek” had had its time.

Michele now looked at “Feng Shui” as a tool to improve her family health, home and environment. Starting a passion for the art of Feng Shui, interior, land and building design this followed on with studies under various Masters, including Chinese astrology and metaphysical studies.

Michele has since had a long and successful 18 year career within this field consulting, designing teaching and running retreats, locally and internationally. Achieving success for many within their own homes, buildings, businesses. With education and choice people can help themselves for better health, wealth, relationship luck and environment. Often Challenging times brings shifts and chance for change within self, home and environment. Come 2013, Michele took over and redeveloped a boutique business “Vivacious Living Centre” in Applecross. Creating a community with a seminar room and consulting rooms for small businesses and natural therapists. Networking sundowners where established to educate small business owners and like-minded people as well as events and open days for practitioners and local business. After establishing a successful Vivacious Living Centre, Michele embarked on running retreats and teaching at Curtin University for a short period of time, networking and supporting small business when she could assist. She has also won awards for small business and networking from peers.

Michele was the 2018 Founder of Perth’s Festival of Healing’ a social enterprise for community awareness, aiming to educate and enable people to understand and experience the many forms of healing modalities firsthand. With a strong belief in keeping it local, supporting local business and community, Michele has since run several festivals and events within Perth.

Michele supports small local businesses. She gives her time and knowledge freely. Michele believes everyone should have a choice for their health, education, and success. With a little hard work, educated decisions and knowledge, everyone in Australia should have equal access to opportunities.

Michele is very grateful for the opportunity to be part of the Health Australia Party it being a natural and organic step in the direction of spreading the word, connecting, business, and people. Choice for greater community good for health, environment, education, society and especially families. Everyone deserves education and choice for a greater future… It is a time of change, time for a new point of view and for our country and people to be genuinely healthy happy Australians.

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