The Victorian State Government cannot be allowed to continue with its present leadership. The damage to the State and all citizens is catastrophic. 

The HAP believes three primary and immediate actions need to be taken:

  1. For the Victorian ALP to remove Daniel Andrews as Premier immediately
  2. The immediate revision of the unrealistic roadmap including a reduction of targets/restrictions which are not backed by science
  3. An immediate full independent investigation into Daniel Andrews leadership over the Covid19 response and the integrity of the ALP Government under Daniel Andrews.

To see more details about why the HAP believes these actions are necessary, click here.

We now call on all Victorians to have their say – we’ve made it simple. 

Fill in the questions in the form below and we will convert it into an email and send to your political representatives in both Houses of Parliament on your behalf. A courtesy copy will also be sent to the Attorney General, Treasurer, Health Minister and the leader of the opposition.