Please meet Catheryn Wright, one of HAP’s candidates for the upper house South Metropolitan region in Western Australia’s state election on March 13 2021.

About Catheryn

Catheryn was born and bred in Western Australia and she graduated from Perth College in 1984.

She then attended theatre and design school and completed a Diploma in Business […]

This episode of the podcast is a little different. It is a copy of the interview Bass Tadros, our candidate for the Agriculture Region seat in the WA State elections, recorded with Carters Corner on the 9th February 2021.

Our thanks to Travis Carter for providing the copy of the interview. You can find more […]

Many people have been inquiring as to what our voting preferences are in the upcoming March state election in Western Australia.

These are now available on the Elections WA site by clicking here.

As our candidates are only standing for Legislative Council seats you need to know which region you are eligible […]

Many of us know that exposure to radiation is a bad thing.

However, what we may not know is that the electrical appliances and electronic devices we use every day are emitting it constantly. As it turns out, your smartphone, tablet, computer and even your microwave emit low-level non-ionizing radiation known as radiofrequency radiation. And […]

Dr Isaac Golden shares his thoughts on the media’s response to Craig Kelly and other challenges to the COVID19 response.


Isaac is a co-founder of the Health Australia Party and National Secretary. Following an early career in finance and financial accounting, Isaac changed career paths to natural medicine and has been a homoeopathic practitioner […]

One of the major contributors to the public health crisis is pesticide poisoning.

While pesticides are effective at killing pests, such as rodents and insects, and weeds, they can also cause farmers who use them to suffer from unintentional acute pesticide poisoning (UAPP). And according to a new study published in BMC […]

We are very happy to introduce Lidia Skorokhod, our candidate for East Metropolitan Region.

Lidia is very passionate about promoting a healthier way of living for people by creating an awareness of the society in which we all live.

This passion started from an early age and lead to a way of thinking which encompasses […]

Please meet Justin Zwartkruis, our candidate for the South West Region.

Justin was born and lives in Perth Western Australia, with close family ties to the greater southwest. Family roots come from Northcliffe, Tone River, Manjimup and Burekup. A home away from home and the getaway we all look forward to. Justin started studying in […]

We are very pleased to introduce Teddy Craies, our candidate for the Mining and Pastoral Region.

Teddy is an engineer, a business manager and a wellness consultant. He has worked in Australia and globally within the mining related industries for over 30 years in business management and development.

In addition to running his own wellness […]

Please meet Bass Tadros, HAP’s candidate in the upper house agricultural region in WA’s state election March 13 2021.

Bass Tadros

Age: 39 Number of children: 3 Country born in: Egypt Career highlights: Asia Pacific regional Marketing Specialist for a top Fortune 500 global leader in mining, construction and agricultural equipment. Established his private practice […]