Many of us know that exposure to radiation is a bad thing.

However, what we may not know is that the electrical appliances and electronic devices we use every day are emitting it constantly. As it turns out, your smartphone, tablet, computer and even your microwave emit low-level non-ionizing radiation known as radiofrequency radiation. And […]

Dr Isaac Golden shares his thoughts on the media’s response to Craig Kelly and other challenges to the COVID19 response.


Isaac is a co-founder of the Health Australia Party and National Secretary. Following an early career in finance and financial accounting, Isaac changed career paths to natural medicine and has been a homoeopathic practitioner […]

One of the major contributors to the public health crisis is pesticide poisoning.

While pesticides are effective at killing pests, such as rodents and insects, and weeds, they can also cause farmers who use them to suffer from unintentional acute pesticide poisoning (UAPP). And according to a new study published in BMC […]

Barrie “Baz” Bardoe has released his new book “The Secrets of How You Are Being Manipulated and The Power To Fight Back” as mentioned in his earlier interview with Molly Knight. The book is now available to purchase and download in our new website shop, see link below.

This time our new […]

We believe that a healthy Australia must be built on the following five fundamentals: Healthy People, Healthy Economy, Healthy Environment, Healthy Democracy and Healthy Society. Today we’ll feature our health policy.

Health policy

Australia is experiencing an epidemic of chronic disease which is rarely discussed by health officials or in the media.

The current medical […]

Molly Knight talks to Bass Tadros in his first interview as an official Health Australia Party candidate in the upcoming WA state elections.


Bass Tadros website


Read about Bass on his website About page.

Click on the image below to watch the full interview:


Jenny Segail is a well known yoga teacher in Sydney who joined Molly Knight on 16th September 2020 to discuss the benefits of yoga.


Avalon Yoga Co-Op Yoga Mona Vale Facebook page



Jenny Segail has been doing yoga since 1999. […]

We received the following message from Leah Jade, who operates a Melbourne Myotherapy clinic. Myotherapy and some other health modalities did not open for routine care in the past few weeks when other allied health services such as chiropractic, Chinese medicine and physiotherapy did. Although all the health professions are now allowed to open from […]

Isaac Golden PhD, homoeopath and National Secretary and Victorian State President of the Health Australia Party, joined Molly Knight on Thursday October 22 to discuss evidence-based medical options being used now in other countries by doctors and qualified therapists, which allow communities to live alongside COVID19 without needing lockdowns, harsh restrictions and vaccines (whether mandatory […]

Neonicotinoids (or neonics) are the most widely used insecticide in the world. However, for the past thirty years these insecticides have been known to pose a significant threat to butterflies, birds and aquatic insects.

Bees, however, are most adversely affected by these chemicals as they disturb the central nervous system of these insects. Bees have […]