The following is a statement by our National Party Secretary, Dr Isaac Golden, on the party’s position in the Federal Election 2022.

“Regrettably, the Health Australia Party is not standing candidates in the 2022 Federal Election.

In a recent Australian Electoral Commission limited audit of member numbers, a few people who said they were members to us, said they weren’t members when asked by the AEC. The AEC concluded that we did not have the required 1,500 membership. We have lodged a formal protest, but that cannot be dealt with until after the election.

We cannot provide voting preferences for every seat, but please visit our Facebook page for more information, including what we are doing this election to support pro-democracy Parties.”



Many of us know that exposure to radiation is a bad thing.

However, what we may not know is that the electrical appliances and electronic devices we use every day are emitting it constantly. As it turns out, your smartphone, tablet, computer and even your microwave emit low-level non-ionizing radiation known as radiofrequency radiation. And according to a new study, this radiation increases the risk of breast cancer in women.

The study is a meta-analysis – the first of its kind – of eight other studies that were conducted between 1996 and 2013. A meta-analysis is simply a study that analyses the results of previous studies to draw a conclusion regarding a particular subject matter.

In the study, researchers looked at several exposure types, including exposure of women who work as radio/telegraph operators or worked in the electronics industry. The meta-analysis revealed “a significant association between exposure to radio frequencies and breast cancer risk”.


Non-ionizing radiation is considered to be safe because it doesn’t have enough energy to cause cell damage or cell death.

The current scientific consensus about this type of radiation is that it doesn’t cause cancer (is non-carcinogenic). According to the National Cancer Institute, “although many studies have examined the potential health effects of non-ionizing radiation from radar, microwave ovens, cell phones, and other sources, there is currently no consistent evidence that non-ionizing radiation increases cancer risk in humans.”

Breast cancer

However, the researchers discovered from past studies that radio frequencies cause mammary cell damage. And on top of that, they also lead to the formation of reactive oxygen species (ROS). The researchers cited several studies that have identified these two factors to be the biggest cause of cell death.

So while the energy of radio frequencies isn’t enough to damage cells, the damage occurs due to the break down of ROS by the body. So it seems that radio frequencies aren’t as safe as they are considered to be.

Risk groups

Researchers pointed out that women who are 50 years or older are at greater risk of developing breast cancer from radio frequencies. Several reasons were given for this observation. For example, as we get older, the normal function of our organs declines. And this is believed to increase cancer risk.

Another group of women that are more at risk are those who use mobile phones, including smartphones. This is women in the 21-39 age range. Since these devices are constantly emitting radio frequencies through the antennas contained inside them, women are putting themselves at risk of breast cancer every time they hold them close to their chest.

Based on the meta-analysis, the researchers concluded there is a significant risk of breast cancer development from using electrical appliances and devices due to radiofrequency radiation.

The researchers also noted these results should lead to the further development of strategies aimed at helping people protect themselves from this radiation.

Dr Isaac Golden shares his thoughts on the media’s response to Craig Kelly and other challenges to the COVID19 response.


Isaac is a co-founder of the Health Australia Party and National Secretary. Following an early career in finance and financial accounting, Isaac changed career paths to natural medicine and has been a homoeopathic practitioner since 1984, and teaching since 1988. He founded the Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy in 1990, which offers distance education courses in homoeopathic and natural medicine. Isaac is a regular contributor to local and international academic journals, and is the author of eleven books on homoeopathy and over 100 articles.


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One of the major contributors to the public health crisis is pesticide poisoning.

While pesticides are effective at killing pests, such as rodents and insects, and weeds, they can also cause farmers who use them to suffer from unintentional acute pesticide poisoning (UAPP). And according to a new study published in BMC Public Health, 44% of farmers worldwide suffer from UAPP each year, resulting in 11,000 deaths.

The scientists conducted a systematic review of UAPP cases found in peer-reviewed publications. A systematic review is a research method that gathers all the relevant and empirical evidence regarding a particular research question. The evidence is extracted from analysing multiple studies and used to draw conclusions.

This is the second systematic review of UAPP cases to be done on a global scale. The first one was conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 1990. WHO concluded that one million UAPP cases happen a year, resulting in an estimated 20,000 deaths. The new research aimed to update that research to account for the increasing usage of pesticides around the world.

To arrive at the current annual estimate, the researchers looked at 157 scientific articles that were published between 2016 and 2018. They then supplemented that with mortality data from a WHO database, which added 83 more articles. And what they found was shocking.

The worldwide farming population is estimated to be around 860 million. And 44% of this means that there are approximately 385 million cases of UAPP reported yearly. According to the scientists, “The greatest estimated number of UAPP cases is in southern Asia, followed by south-eastern Asia and east Africa with regards to non-fatal UAPP.” Out of the 11,000 deaths from UAPP, 60% (6,600) of them were reported in India.

The study had some limitations, though. For example, the researchers admitted that the selection criteria for identifying the relevant literature for the systematic review was “too restrictive.” And that the estimates are “partly based on a weak database.” However, the researchers were confident and showed that the limitations didn’t have a significant impact on the estimates. This means the study is an accurate representation of the danger pesticides pose to the health of farmers worldwide.

The researchers offered some hope, however, stating that the impact of the UAPP on the global farming community can be reduced. Particularly, they suggested that the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organisation (FAO) should implement international guidelines aimed at phasing out the use of highly poisonous pesticides.

Barrie “Baz” Bardoe has released his new book “The Secrets of How You Are Being Manipulated and The Power To Fight Back” as mentioned in his earlier interview with Molly Knight. The book is now available to purchase and download in our new website shop, see link below.

This time our new WA state election candidate, Bass Tadros, talks to Baz in more detail about the book in a wide ranging interview.



Baz describes himself as an information warfare specialist and has had wide experience in this field both in public and private enterprise.

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We believe that a healthy Australia must be built on the following five fundamentals: Healthy People, Healthy Economy, Healthy Environment, Healthy Democracy and Healthy Society. Today we’ll feature our health policy.

Health policy

Australia is experiencing an epidemic of chronic disease which is rarely discussed by health officials or in the media.

The current medical business model provides no incentive for drug manufacturers to promote good health. The Health Australia Party will lead an open and objective analysis of this model.

Rather than assume that the only way to achieve better medical care is to spend more money, we will demonstrate through scientific and economic analyses that the best way to manage long-term health costs is to make people healthier.

The result will be a happier and more productive community where quality of life matches longevity. It will also help make the health budget sustainable.

So instead of an increasingly more expensive disease management system, the Health Australia Party will focus on the creation of health as being the primary goal.

Parts of the present system are indeed world-best, especially emergency medicine services and some non-pharmaceutical developments such as eye surgery pioneered by the late Professor Fred Hollows and the Cochlea ear technology developed by Professor Graeme Clark.

Australia is fortunate to have many devoted, caring and skilled professionals working within the current system including doctors, nurses and allied health professionals.

We respect and support their contributions, and will promote the establishment of Integrative Medical Centres where patients can access the best of conventional and natural medicine, and where practitioners from all disciplines work cooperatively together. We will encourage extension of this practical cooperation into our hospitals.

Health Australia Party intends to:

  1. Recognise that a broad, integrative approach to health care is required based on what is best for patients and free from corporate or personal vested interests.
  2. Support a national system of health care which encourages collaboration between general practitioners, specialists, allied health professionals and natural health care practitioners.
  3. Recognise that the present epidemic of chronic diseases in Australia needs to be managed using a different paradigm which includes natural medicine, and that potentially serious infectious diseases be managed using a thoroughly researched program of immunisation that is both safe and effective.
  4. Fund methodically appropriate, objective, independent research into all aspects of natural and pharmaceutical medicine to reliably inform citizens and political leaders of the relative proven costs and benefits to the community.
  5. Recognise that the requirement for the informed consent of the patient before administration of a medication or a medical procedure/intervention is a basic human right.
  6. Defend the right of every person/parent/legal guardian to choose to decline invasive medical procedures/interventions with no resultant punitive action of any kind.
  7. Transform the Australian health care system from a disease management system (albeit with some excellent features such as in emergency medicine) to a health creation system. Promote genuine preventative medicine involving making citizens more healthy in every way – intellectually, emotionally and physically.
  8. Protect the future of Medicare. Quantify the potential for natural medicine to help maintain the financial viability of Medicare.
  9. Defend the right of women to choose homebirth without penalty. We believe homebirth provides a safe birthing option; safety has been studied by the Cochrane Collaboration review of homebirth which concluded that for normal pregnancies with suitably qualified persons in attendance, safety was at least as good as hospital births, but with far fewer medical interventions.

Find all of Health Australia Party’s policies on this page:

Molly Knight talks to Bass Tadros in his first interview as an official Health Australia Party candidate in the upcoming WA state elections.



Read about Bass on his website About page.

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Jenny Segail is a well known yoga teacher in Sydney who joined Molly Knight on 16th September 2020 to discuss the benefits of yoga.




Jenny Segail has been doing yoga since 1999. She trained with Byron Yoga and Judy Krupp. Her style is Hatha based but she incorporates her own style of moving, through her experiences with yoga, dance, movement and her knowledge of the body. Jenny stresses the importance of alignment to prevent pain and injury and has an in-depth knowledge of how to use yoga to heal the back, hips, knees and neck.


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We received the following message from Leah Jade, who operates a Melbourne Myotherapy clinic. Myotherapy and some other health modalities did not open for routine care in the past few weeks when other allied health services such as chiropractic, Chinese medicine and physiotherapy did. Although all the health professions are now allowed to open from Wednesday October 28, we are publishing Leah’s letter to highlight how unfairly the Andrews government have been treating some therapists and their clients and the fact that there should never be an occasion where healthcare is not deemed essential.

The sheer oversight (at best) by the Andrews Government of the non “listed” Allied Health Professions, including Myotherapists—who deal specifically with injury rehabilitation and chronic pain management—in Melbourne, by excluding them so far in the lifting of restrictions, is an outrage!

It is unacceptable! To allow a portion of Allied Health to return to work, while discriminating against all others, is at a great cost to the people of Melbourne who are already suffering enough!

It is not only against our basic and MOST fundamental Human Right of Freedom of Movement. To then restrict the professions (Myotherapy especially) that maintain and support the freedom of movement in the community is ironically a great injustice to our city!

In a time when Health is meant to be prioritised, this causes thousands of Melbournians even greater stress, placing immune systems under further pressure (in addition to being LOCKED away INDOORS for 23 hours a day!) It is unlawful and needs to end now!

Our business (of 13 years) normally sees over 100 clients each week in chronic and acute pain. Our patients are suffering and have been brushed off at a time when they are already suffering to no end due to the incredible encroachment on their human rights, in the name of an infectious disease that has an amazing recovery rate in those who are not severely immunocompromised already!

How has this impacted us? Our business had been closed down and unable to operate since August (3 months) and for a whole month in April due to these restrictions! We continue to have to pay bills and rent in the city of Melbourne!

We have contractors in our clinic and therefore have not been able to claim anything more than the jobkeeper for one person in our household.

How this is meant to cover the business bills is beyond me. Our clients call us desperate, heading for surgery, unable to sleep, deteriorating in their worsening conditions of great pain and suffering.

Their immune systems are under great stress and compromised even more, compounded by the 23 hour a day lockdowns without sunlight, the most essential human right that Daniel Andrews so negligently attempts to rob people of!

It’s an outrage! People are suffering! Over 100 clients each week that we see at our clinic in Melbourne are literally hurting! They need us now more than ever and you throw us (an entire Health Profession) under the bus, while you allow our colleagues to return to work and WHY?

We are HEALTH professionals! Keeping people out of hospitals! Is this not what you want?

If you draw the line somewhere Mr Andrews, draw it HERE! Let ALL Health Professionals including Natural Therapists return to helping people! Taking away people’s autonomy to access health care is the opposite of what you should be doing at a time like this OR EVER!

We have our “Covid Safe” Plans, we have our Covid Protocols and we have our Mandated masks! What more do you want? What good are they if you still can’t let us, with the strictest EXISTING hygiene protocols practice? Do you not have faith in your Covid safe plans and mandated masks?

It is absolutely unfair and unjust to discriminate against one health professional over another in a time like this! Wake up and give people back their sense of autonomy!

You have NO right to say one therapy is better for an INDIVIDUAL over another! So sad it is that you determine what is right for one person’s health right now more than you attempt to “allow” a person to choose for themselves! Is this even your right to grant or take away?

This goes against the very Health and Wellbeing Act and all other directives which should be measured and constructed against and within it! You do not have this power! It has zero legal standing! Stop deliberately instilling fear and control over that which you have no right to be inserting yourself over.

Stop magnifying a mere, questionable and redundant metric of “cases” which have been redefined for the new agenda’s benefit. Once upon a time in the good ol’ days, this actually meant “symptoms”, where now it merely means, diagnosed using a PCR test, not purposed to diagnose, let alone diagnose an unidentified virus!

STOP ZOOMING IN on cases and deaths like it means something extraordinary! Do you offer perspective on relative deaths to previous years and the flu virus?

Do (in your “champion” press releases) you offer a comparative perspective on Covid death / mortality rate relative to other more serious diseases or even the death rate of those with comorbidities in aged care on a normal given day or year? NO!

Stop REVOLTING the smarter more critical thinkers of Melbourne who scoff at the very mention of your name!

THREATENING people with a fine “policy” (NOT LAW) is beyond appalling, when they (Health Professionals) are here merely to help people live a better quality of life and end suffering.

Our industry (Myotherapy & Remedial Massage) have the purpose of SUPPORTING the IMMUNE SYSTEM! Your ignorance of this is utterly unacceptable! It’s NO EXCUSE!

My partner (a Myotherapist) and I have 20 years experience in our field!

To take people’s access away from experienced practitioners, while allowing other allied health to return is unfathomable and an insult to our profession! To allow hairdressers to return and not us is what many in our profession right now are calling a “slap in the face”.

I’ve seen one therapist literally walk away from her profession since you made this outrageous announcement, and head back to hairdressing, her previous career. WHY? Because… for the AMOUNT of professional development, insurance and association fees required to practice, versus what has JUST NOW happened in our once great city, is beyond acceptable!

It’s disheartening and depressing! Many therapists have been badly hurt by your incredible overreach of power and lack of insight into our value in the community! We SUPPORT health! *LET* us practise!

Step aside Mr Andrews, go back and resume your place and let us assume our rightful role in the community!

– Leah Jade

Leah Jade is a women’s therapist and author of several books on healing, find her personal website here:

The myotherapy business Leah runs: Advanced Myotherapy

Isaac Golden PhD, homoeopath and National Secretary and Victorian State President of the Health Australia Party, joined Molly Knight on Thursday October 22 to discuss evidence-based medical options being used now in other countries by doctors and qualified therapists, which allow communities to live alongside COVID19 without needing lockdowns, harsh restrictions and vaccines (whether mandatory or optional).

Dr Golden discussed:

  • What are these options, and why are we not using them in Australia?
  • How our governments, especially in Victoria, have not adequately protected our democracy and our economy.
  • The HAP roadmap forward, entailing a positive way to deal with COVID19 and any other aggressive outbreak of infectious disease.




Following an early career in finance and financial accounting, Isaac changed career paths to natural medicine and has been a homoeopathic practitioner since 1984, and teaching since 1988. He founded the Australasian College of Hahnemannian Homoeopathy in 1990, and is a world authority on homoeoprophylaxis – the use of homoeopathic medicines for specific infectious disease prevention – and was the first person to be awarded a PhD from a mainstream Australian University for research on a homoeopathic topic. Isaac has given lectures and conducted academic research in countries around the world, and has had leadership and research roles with Endeavour College of Natural Health and other academic institutions. He is currently Research Advisor on the Ethics Committee of the National Institute of Integrative Medicine. Isaac is based in the Woodend area near Melbourne, and he believes the health system in Australia needs to be changed from the present disease management system to a health creation system.


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