Vitamins C, D and Zinc for preventing and treating COVID19 – Prof Ian Brighthope

What are the benefits of vitamins C, D and zinc?  This was the subject of a discussion between HAP’s Molly Knight and Prof Ian Brighthope. It was broadcast live via the Health Australia Party Facebook page on the 2nd July 2020.

Prof Brighthope gave a full account of how these particular vitamins and minerals benefit the health of everyone and their role in prevention and health optimisation. He also discussed his efforts to campaign widely to get our political leaders, the AMA, the Department of Health and other organisations who decide on health policy to consider the published research that shows how beneficial these supplements can be in the treatment of Covid 19.

Click on the image below to watch the complete interview.

Read the full transcript: HAP200702transcript


Listen to episode 1 of the podcast below:


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