Please meet Bass Tadros, HAP’s candidate in the upper house agricultural region in WA’s state election March 13 2021.

Bass Tadros

Age: 39
Number of children: 3
Country born in: Egypt
Career highlights: Asia Pacific regional Marketing Specialist for a top Fortune 500 global leader in mining, construction and agricultural equipment. Established his private practice in mental health care.
Why Bass wants to be elected: It’s the best way I can make much-needed changes to government, so people get the representation and care they need.

Bass’s passion for helping people and giving back stems from his core values and upbringing, growing up with a father who was in law enforcement and a mother who was in education.

He describes his childhood as his foundation for his love of family, learning, discipline, travel, culture, communication and working to help others. By age 10 Bass had lived in three countries, over three continents and had learned to speak vastly different languages. By mid-twenties he was studying and researching the human behaviour and personal development.

Bass is a graduate of Victoria University, with over 15 years experience in Corporate Marketing & Business management.

He was the Asia Pacific regional Marketing Specialist for a top Fortune 500 multi-national, Global leader in Mining, Construction and Agricultural equipment. Bass developed his career in multiple roles with the organisation towards specialising in communication, supply chain, training & teaching methods for developing loyalty.

He has led teams of professionals in Australia and internationally through successful and seamless change.

Bass developed a dedication to helping people identify and shift the unseen forces that are the barriers to personal and professional success.

Passionate to support people during times of change to seamless transition, adapting to change, planning for short and long-term success, and to enable personal empowerment, he ensures that clients take control of their lives by eliminating negative habits and installing positive strategies.

He is a published author of ‘Three Steps To Inspiration For Life’.

Inspired by a passion for training and his conviction to help people, Bass moved into the Human Development space. The primary focus of his private practice is Behaviour, Communication and Human Transformation.

Bass’s special interests are optimising human relationships in the workplace, mindfulness coaching, stress management and mental health care at work and home.

Over the past six years he has been working locally supporting the community with training programs and workshops. He has also integrated other frameworks including clinical hypnotherapy, neuro-linguistics programming and utilises revolutionary new tools in human transformation and empowerment to deliver lasting results for clients as an allied practitioner.

Having volunteered for WTV community free to air television, Bass learned about media and TV presenting for over three years on various community TV shows and programs.

This is led to Bass meeting with HAP WA State leaders, while he was a presenter for WTV, he interviewed them and learned about the five pillars of the Health Australia Party; Healthy People, Healthy Economy, Healthy Environment, Healthy Democracy and a Healthy Society to help deal with the issues Australians are facing currently.

This sparked his inspiration due to the alignment in values, which has since led to him joining HAP as a member and now candidate for WA.

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