This episode of the podcast is a little different. It is a copy of the interview Bass Tadros, our candidate for the Agriculture Region seat in the WA State elections, recorded with Carters Corner on the 9th February 2021.

Our thanks to Travis Carter for providing the copy of the interview. You can find more information on Travis at his website here, or on Facebook here.

Listen to episode 27 of the podcast below:

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  1. P White
    P White says:

    Thank you for putting this info out there for people so that they can understand what your party stands for. I dont want to join your party but I did vote for you.
    I was also looking at the No mandatory Vaccines Party but there was nothing left at the polling booth as far as a How to vote card or what they stand for other than the obvious. In fact when I messaged the candidate she told me she was standing in Bassendean. I got my papers and here she was standing in Maylands. Go figure. I did send her s msg back saying wtf. She did apologise but I am really happy that you guys know what you are doing.



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