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HAP calling for change in Victoria

Victorians are under one of the world’s toughest long term restrictions with no reprieve in sight, based on flawed computer modelling, a ‘roadmap’ that is tunnel visioned and is not backed by scientific evidence. The Victorian State Government cannot be allowed to continue with its present leadership. The damage to the State and all citizens […]

Survey – how do Victorians really feel?


The HAP is seeking feedback to determine whether media accounts of approval ratings for Daniel Andrews are accurate. Provide your responses below so that the unbiased views of Victorians can truly be represented.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) with Jenny Johnston

Have these unprecedented times taken a toll on your mental health? Jenny Johnston, hypnotherapist and EFT practitioner joined us Thursday September 10th to discuss how EFT can support you in managing anxiety, pain, depression and fear. In her live discussion with Molly Knight, Jenny discussed and demonstrated: The beginnings of EFT Emotional Freedom Technique How […]

The effects of EMR with Dr Julie McCredden

Dr. Julie McCredden PhD, President of the Oceania Radiofrequency Scientific Advisory Association Inc (ORSAA) spoke with Molly Knight on 20th August 2020 about the effects of EMR on cognitive processes in children and adults.

In her Facebook Live interview with Molly, Dr McCredden discussed:

How wifi and mobile technologies work If wifi signals affect biological […]