Are Government restrictions and mandatory interventions lawful? – Serene Teffaha

Serene Teffaha, a Victorian solicitor, joined Molly Knight on 23rd July 2020 for a wide-ranging discussion on the Government restrictions across Australia.

Some of the key points discussed were:

  • The State of Emergency – did the Government meet the requirements to declare one?
  • BioSecurity Act 2015 – can it be used to issue mandates across an entire population?
  • Next steps – launching a class action against the Government
  • Class actions for the unlawful detainment of public housing residents and mandatory flu vaccinations
  • Complaint against AHPRA for muzzling scientific discussion on the health risks associated with vaccination


Click on the image below to view the interview:

Read the full transcript (E&OE): HAP200723transcript


Listen to episode 4 of the podcast below:



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