Tell Labor Victoria to allow all health practitioners to see patients for routine care


Many natural therapists, together with their patients, have been treated unfairly in Labor’s October 19 announcement.

While most other health workers in Victoria were permitted to once again see clients for routine care, including Chiropractors, Physiotherapists and Osteopaths, other complementary health disciplines were left out.

These therapies which include myotherapy, naturopathy, kinesiology, remedial massage, homeopathy, Bowen therapy, Ayurveda, Pilates and other similar modalities, are extremely important for many people for treating both acute and long-term health issues. They also assist in managing stress, which is particularly important during lockdowns.

Myotherapy Association Australia chief executive Anna Yerondais said on Monday that myotherapy’s exclusion would leave hundreds of thousands of myotherapy patients “out in the cold”. “Conservatively, I estimate that nearly 350,000 Melbournians have not been able to seek treatment from their trusted myotherapist since August,” she said.

How many other patients are missing out on vital care from their natural healthcare practitioners?

We must ask our Labor MPs to act immediately to lift restrictions. It is also imperative that it is made clear to Labor that these therapies must be considered in the same category as other allied health in the event that future lockdowns are imposed.

Enter your postcode, fill in the form and we’ll covert it into an email and send to your Labor representatives in both the lower and upper houses of Parliment. A courtesy copy of your email will also be sent to the Chief Allied Health Officer – Donna Markham.

Elected MPs can only represent their own constituents, therefore this campaign is open to Vic residents only.